Outdoor Skills

Daniel Beard.  “A collection of projects as big as the great outdoors.”  Written by a founder of the Boy Scouts of America, this guide introduces the pleasures and challenges of the outdoors.  With a “can-do” attitude, Beard presents illustrated instructions of building kites, birdhouses, boasts, igloos, and other fun projects, along with numerous helpful tips for campers.  An excellent reference for hikers and campers.  Reprint of Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY, 1906 edition. 5-1/4 x 8-1/4, 448p, b&w illustrations, 1906, 2007.
F1912 paperback .........US $12.95 CAN $14.95

Kurt Rinehart.  Offers a fresh look at the fundamentals of observing nature - where to look, what to notice, and how to put together what you see and hear, providing a deeper understanding of the natural processes going on around you.  Includes a "field guide to field guides," evaluating the resources available to readers and showing how to use them most successfully.  An innovative guide to making the most of a wilderness experience. 5-1/2 x 8-1/4, 208p, 75 b&w illustrations, 2006.
N2681 paperback ..........US $14.95 CAN $16.95

WOODCRAFT AND INDIAN LORE: A Classic Guide from a Founding Father of the Boy Scouts of America
Ernest Thompson Seton.  This 1930 classic on the outdoors and outdoor life has been reprinted.  Packed with advice, tips, and information based on Native American wisdom and practices.  Learn how to build a campfire, a dam, or a birch bark basket; to recognize animal tracks, constellations, and all manner of forestry; to stop a nose-bleed, ease poison ivy, or soothe a sore throat with natural remedies; to make delicious biscuits on the trail and spot edible mushrooms; and more.  A book for “anyone desiring a fuller experience of nature.” 5-1/4 x 7-3/4, 624p, b&w illustrations, 1930, 2007.
W0584 paperback ..........US $14.95 CAN $16.95

Daniel Beard.  A handy reference providing young people and campers of all ages with detailed, easy-to-follow advice on building campfires; packing, saddling, and mounting a horse; choosing a campsite, pitching a tent, cutting down a tree, and chopping wood.  An entertaining collection of traditional Native American lore and helpful hints on how to safely enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring the outdoors.  Original  publication, The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft (1920). 5-3/8 x 8-1/2, 288p, 377 b&w illustrations, 2006.
C7278 paperback .......... US $9.95 CAN $11.95

PRIMITIVE SKILLS AND CRAFTS: An Outdoorsman's Guide to Shelters, Tools, Weapons, Tracking, Survival, and More
Richard Jamison, Linda Jamison.  Presents practical tips and life-saving advice from archaeologists, anthropologists, primitive practitioners, craftsmen, and artisans.  These experts help modern readers rediscover the skills that have served humanity for millennia: fire-making, camp cooking, basket weaving, pottery making, animal tracking, and more.  You can even learn how to turn seashells into arrowheads or make glue from yucca plants.  More than just a how-to, this guide provides inspiration to live life to the fullest and is full of expert advice on essential outdoor skills. 6 x 9, 272p, b&w photos + illustrations, 2007.
P1483 paperback..........US $12.95 CAN $13.95

BACK TO BASICS: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills (3/e)
Abigail Gehring, ed..  "Anyone who wants to learn basic living skills - the kind employed by our forefathers - and adapt them for a better life in the 21st century need look no further."  The 100's of projects, step-by-step sequences, photos, charts, and illustrations in Back to Basics will help readers dye your own wool with plant pigments, graft trees, raise chickens, make cheese, tan leather, craft furniture, build a log cabin or an adobe brick homestead, and more.  Complete with tips for old-fashioned fun (square dancing calls, homemade toys, and kayaking tips), this may be the most thorough book on voluntary simplicity available. 8-3/4 x 11, 464p, color + b&w photos & illustrations, 2008. OVERSIZE.
B2331 hardcover..........US $24.95 CAN $26.95

WEED’EM AND REAP: A Weed Eater Reader
Roger Welsch.  Join this best-selling humorist as he recounts his encounters with edible wild foods - you'll get a bellyful of laughs, as well as a great backyard buffet (salad, stew, tea, dessert, etc.).  Full of entertaining stories about identifying, preparing, and eating weeds.  Includes information on making wine, jams, and jellies.  A “first-rate, industrial-grade weed eating reader.” 6 x 9, 224p, 2006.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 2 copies remaining!
W907X paperback ..........US $14.95 CAN $16.95

U.S. ARMY SURVIVAL HANDBOOK (Revised and Updated)
Department of the Army; revisions by military survival expert SFC Matt Larsen.  "Whether in a temperate, tropical, arctic, or subarctic region, you might find yourself alone in a remote area with little or no personal gear.  This new edition of the classic U.S. Army Survival Handbook provides the information you need to survive."  Widely recognized as the finest single source on the subject, this comprehensive volume covers a breadth of topics, including: survival planning and medicine; making weapons and tools; finding water; wild plants and wildlife for food; making shelters; building fire, and; more.  An essential resource for all outdoors people. 5-1/2 x 8-1/4, 392p, b&w illustrations, 2008.
U4512 paperback..........US $16.95 CAN $18.95

PRACTICAL OUTDOOR SURVIVAL: A Modern Approach to Staying Alive in the Wilderness (New and Revised)
Len McDougall.  A thoroughly revised and updated edition of this guide to wilderness survival.  “Here is all you'll need to survive” - and thrive - in any situation: the survival kit; shelters, including wearable shelters, lean-tos, dugouts, and emergency shelters; fire; water, including purification, sources, and stills; food, including edible plants, fishing, and other food sources, and; orienteering, including compasses and GPS systems.  A resource seeking to provide outdoors lovers with an easy answer book to nature’s challenges. 5-1/2 x 8, 208p, b&w photos, illustrations, 2008.
P1718 paperback..........US $17.95 CAN $19.95

Tom Brown, Jr..  A classic reference outlining the basics of wilderness survival - dealing with an unexpected “survival situation.”  Includes how to build natural shelters, how to get safe drinking water, make a fire without matches, how to find, stalk, kill, and prepare animals for food, and more.  Clear illustrations and instructions for both beginners and experienced explorers. 6 x 9, 287p, b&w illustrations, 1983.
T5725 paperback ..........US $16.00 CAN $21.00
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Ellsworth Jaeger, introduction by L. Kahn.  A primer for campers and survivalists.  This classic outdoor survival guide includes information on making fires, clothing, gear, and useful plants, canoeing, using axes and knives, as well as crafting shelters from hand-gathered materials.  Also an account of life in the 1800’s, when survival in the wild depended on one’s skill and ingenuity. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 491p, 425 b&w illustrations, 1945, reprint 2000.
W0129 paperback ..........US $14.95 CAN $17.95

Bradford Angier.  For over 30 years, sports people and campers have carried this book with them every time they ventured into the woods.  In 26 clearly written, illustrated chapters, Angier spells out tips that can save time, energy and even lives.  Offers tips on finding food, water, shelter, and reveals fascinating secrets of the wilderness. 4-1/2 x 7, 285p, b&w illustrations, 1956, reprint, 1998.
H1015 paperback ..........US $11.00 CAN $12.99
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HOW TO STAY ALIVE IN THE WOODS - A Complete Guide to Food, Shelter and Self-Preservation Anywhere.
Bradford Angier.  A potentially indispensable manual for anyone venturing into the great outdoors.  Broken down into four sections: Sustenance; Warmth; Orientation, and; Safety.  A durable rubber cover protects this must-have from the elements. 5-1/4 x 9-1/4, 352p, 100 b&w + color illustrations, 1956, reprint ed. 2001.
H2213 canvas (hc) ..........US $19.95 CAN $23.95

Gregory Davenport.  With concise explanations and detailed illustrations, this survival expert and former USAF Instructor covers the five (5) basic elements of survival - personal protection, signaling, finding food and water, travel, and health.  Completely updated and user-friendly.  A comprehensive and well-organized guide to staying alive in the backcountry. 5-1/2 x 8-1/4, 192p, 15 b&w photos, 100 illustrations, 2006.
W2924 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $22.95

THE SAS SURVIVAL HANDBOOK: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate. On Land or at Sea (revised)
John Wiseman.  A new edition of this best selling survival guide - how to survive outdoors, anywhere and in any weather.  Packed full of information and instructions drawn from the British Special Air Service's survival training course. 5-1/4 x 9-1/4p,color + b&w illustrations, 1999.
S1407 paperback ..........US $22.95 CAN $29.95
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Mors L. Kockanski.  With extensive diagrams and instructions, get to know the resources and lore of the northern forest environment and how to use them.  Includes fire-craft, axe-craft, knife-craft, saw-craft, shelters, lore and crafts of specific trees, and more. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 304p, illustrations, 1987.
B1222 paperback ..........US $16.95 CAN $18.95
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Wayne Merry for St. John Ambulance.  Designed for wilderness campers, hunters, Northern residents and workers.  An authoritative guide that provides first aid instruction to deal with illness and emergencies effectively and confidently.  Coverage includes cold exposure, bites and stings, broken bones, burns, bear attacks, and more. 5-1/4 x 8-1/2, 408p, illustrations, 1994.
O2500 paperback ..........US $19.99 CAN $19.99

D.C. Beard, intro by L. Kahn.  Beard, founder of the Boy Scouts of America, wrote and illustrated this book in 1914.  Contains detailed directions for constructing a wide range of shelters, from the simplest and most basic to gradually more elaborate constructions using an axe.  Addressed to “boys of all ages”, but of interest to anyone thinking about putting a simple roof overhead. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 243p, 338 pen & ink drawings, 2000.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print, only 1 copy remaining.
S0137 paperback ..........US $10.95 CAN $12.95

Glenn Randall.  Recognized as one of the seminal volumes on the fundamentals of map, compass, and altimeter route finding.  Features advice on choosing the right compass, reading and using topographical maps, and mastering the Global Positioning System (GPS).  A valuable guide for the beginner on the basics of outdoor navigation or the experienced looking to sharpen their skills. 5-1/2 X 8-1/8, 112p, b&w illustrations, 1989, 1998.
O7479 paperback ..........US $12.95 CAN $14.95

Cliff Jacobson.  Tells you what you need to know to travel confidently with map, compass, and GPS.  Includes a new detailed chapter on GPS positioning and the popular UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinate reference system.  Includes tips for choosing a compass and GPS unit, as well as advice for avoiding common error when using these instruments.  Information-packed for the novice or a handy reference for the veteran.  A valuable resource from one of North America’s most respected outdoors writers and wilderness guides. 6 x 9, 90p, b&w illustrations, figures, 2007.
BE0167 paperback ..........US $8.95 CAN $10.95

COMPASS & MAP NAVIGATOR: The Complete Guide to Staying Found (2nd ed.)
Michael Hodgson.  Why get lost?  Staying found is simple with this book.  Learn the basic steps to easily and confidently navigate through the wilds with or without a compass, with or without a map, or with all the tools together.  Devotes a chapter to altimeters and GPS. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 192p, 70 illustrations, 10 photos, 2000.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and will no longer be available.
C4888 paperback ..........US $14.95 CAN $17.95

Cliff Jacobson.  For typical campsite dilemmas, this new edition offers unique ideas and sensible solutions to make food stay edible longer and taste better.  Learn how to: prepare meals for larger groups; keep fresh food fresh without refrigeration; plan and pack meals; cook in the rain, wind & snow; obtain safe drinking water, and; much more. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 80p, 19 illustrations, 1999.
BE4268 paperback ..........US $7.95 CAN $9.95

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