Volume 1: Ecological Vision and Theory for Temperate Climate Permaculture
Volume 2: Ecological Design and Practice for Temperate Climate Permaculture
Dave Jacke, w/ Eric Toensmeier.  Award Winner.  “The first and most definitive book on forest gardening theory and practice in North America.”  Two-volume manual spells out and explores the key concepts of forest ecology and applies them to the needs of natural gardeners in temperate climates.  Volume I lays out the vision of the forest garden and explains the basic ecological principles that make it work.  Volume II moves on to practical considerations: concrete ways to design, establish, and maintain a forest garden.  Presents case studies and examples, plus tables, illustrations, and a “plant matrix” that lists hundreds of the best edible and useful species.  The volumes together offer an advanced course in ecological gardening. Vol. I – 8-1/2 x 11, 396p, full color, b&w charts & illustrations, 2005; Vol. II - 8-1/2 x 11, 672p, full color, b&w charts & illustrations, 2005. OVERSIZE.
E8792 (Vol. I, hardcover) ..........US $75.00 CAN $95.95
E8806 (Vol. II, hardcover) ..........US $75.00 CAN $95.95
E2608 (2 Volumes, hc) ..........US $150.00 CAN $191.90

Jeanine Davis, W. Scott Persons.  Fully revised and updated, this “how-to” guide enables small landowners to preserve and enhance their treed space while simultaneously earning supplemental income.  Shows how to establish, grow, harvest and market: popular medicinal roots, like ginseng, goldenseal and black cohosh; other commonly used botanicals, including bloodroot, false unicorn and mayapple, as well as; ramps, and galax.  Includes budget information, extensive references, personal success stories, and an all-new section for the home gardener.  Aimed at aspiring and experienced growers alike, the most comprehensive, truly practical guide to the cultivation of woodland botanicals for fun and profit. 7-1/4 x 9, 480p, color insert, b&w photos, tables, 2014.
G7664 paperback..........US $36.95 CAN $39.95

GINSENG: How to Find, Grow, and Use America’s Forest Gold (2/e)
Kim Derek Pritts.  Updated and revised edition to this guide to cultivating and using ginseng.  Includes the most recent information on ginseng cultivation.  Explains how to identify different species and how to find the plant in the wild.  Features detailed information about growing ginseng yourself, from preparing the plot to protecting the plants from pests and diseases to harvesting.  Discusses the legends, rumors, and facts about the plant's medicinal properties.  A popular, valuable reference on the subject. 5-1/2 x 8-1/4, 176p, 40 color photos, 2 illustrations, maps and charts, 2010.
G6343 paperback..........US $24.95 CAN $32.95

BIOPRODUCTS FROM CANADA’S FORESTS: New Partnerships in the Bioeconomy 
Suzanne Wetzel, Luc Duchesne, Michael Laporte.  Provides a comprehensive overview of the many innovative, non-timber bioproducts (commodities derived from biomass) that may be derived from Canada’s vast forests, including their potential economic, social and environmental impacts.   Topics discussed include: biofuels and bioenergy; biochemicals; agroforestry; foods, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals; decorative and aesthetic products; recreation; forests and pests; carbon credits, and;  more.   Where possible, estimates the value of various forest-derived bioproducts and potential economic contribution.  Discusses the technological, policy and regulatory issues surrounding the emerging global bioeconomy.  A timely, valuable compilation for forestry professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as those interested in the contribution of forestry to the bioeconomy worldwide. 6-1/2 x 9-3/4, 256p, b&w photos, tables, 2006.
B9919 hardcover..........US $209.00 CAN $279.95

NON-TIMBER FOREST PRODUCTS; Medicinal Herbs, Fungi, Edible Fruits and Nuts, and Other Natural Products from the Forest
Marla R. Emery, Rebecca J. McLain, eds..  A comprehensive text documenting the current use, research and policy concerns related to harvesting non-timber forest products (NTFPs) in North America, with a focus on the forests of the U.S. Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest.  Provides reviews of historical and contemporary wildcrafting, ongoing research on economically useful forest products, and offers a unique analysis of the laws, sociocultural factors, competing political and economic interests, and environmental issues related to harvesting NTFPs.  A valuable resource on the subject. 5-3/4 x 8-1/2, 176p, tables, figures, 2001.
N0899 paperback ..........US $54.95 CAN $79.95

Eric T. Jones, Rebecca J. McLain, James Weigand, eds..  The first comprehensive overview of nontimber forest products (NTFPs) in the United States, illustrating their diverse importance, describing the people who harvest them, and outlining the steps being taken to ensure access to them.  Brings together research from numerous disciplines and analytical perspectives - such as economic, mycology, history, ecology, law, entomology, forestry, geography and anthropology - in order to provide a cohesive picture of the current and potential role of NTFPs.  By examining all aspects of these products, this book provides a valuable contribution to the development of more sophisticated policy and management frameworks in this area. 6 x 9, 424p, tables, graphs, map, 2002.
N1665 paperback ..........US $29.95 CAN $41.95

Daizy Rani Batish, et al., eds..  Drawing on leading international experts, this text demonstrates how ecologically sustainable agroecosystems can meet the challenges of enhancing crop productivity, soil fertility, and environmental sustainability.  Provides a thorough examination of such topics as: ecological interactions (i.e. tree-crop interaction, alley cropping, tri-trophic interactions, etc.); below-ground ecology (including a study on litter dynamics and factors affecting nutrient release); modeling (i.e. the use of computer-based designs), as well as; ecological economics (the socio-economic aspects of agroforestry).  A timely, comprehensive volume of particular interest to forestry researchers and practitioners, ecologists, crop and soil scientists, and conservation biologists.  7 x 10, 400p, 97 b&w photos & illustrations, 2007. OVERSIZE.
E3277 hardcover..........US $159.95 CAN $231.95

Mark Ashton, Florencia Montagnini.  Provides a silvicultural framework for thinking about the design and practice of agroforestry systems.  Unlike many agroforestry books, this title emphasizes research and thoughts from a forestry perspective rather than an agricultural one.  Many examples are based on the ecological theory of forests that concern the competition for resources of plant-plant and plant-animal mixtures.  Also uses the knowledge gained about the temporal and spatial dynamic and productivity of forests as the basis for silvicultural applications in agroforestry systems. 6-1/8 x 9-1/4, 296p, b&w illustrations, 9 tables, graphs, 1999.
S2065 hardcover ..........US $172.95 CAN $250.95

Louise Buck, James Lassoie, Erick Fernandez.  Examines the environmental and social conditions that affect the roles and performance of trees in field- and forest-based agricultural production systems.  Various types of ecological settings for agroforestry are analyzed within temperate and tropical regions.  Provides a better understanding of the ecological interrelationships among forests, soils, and root and water systems.  Includes case studies from around the world offering innovative and successful strategies in raising forests and tree products on a sustainable basis for commercial harvesting and for providing other environmental services in land conservation and watershed management. 7-1/2 x 10-1/4, 432p, 1998.
A2941 hardcover ..........US $132.95 CAN $192.95

THE APPLE GROWER: A Guide for the Organic Orchardist (Revised & Expanded ed.) 
Michael Phillips.  A fully revised and expanded edition applying the intuitive knowledge of our great-grandparents with the fruits of modern scientific research and innovation.  Cutting-edge topics explored include: the use of kaolin clay as a strategy against curculio and borers; creating a diverse, healthy orchard ecosystem through understory management of plants, nutrients, and beneficial microorganisms; business viability by focusing on heritage and regional varieties, value-added products, and the “community orchard” model.  “Widely acclaimed as the gold standard for anyone who wants to grow apples wisely and naturally,” a classic among small-scale growers and home orchardists.  8 x 10, 320p, color photos, b&w illustrations, charts, 1998, 2005.
A8911 paperback..........US $40.00 CAN $56.95

Fred Sears, edited by Kary Davis.  A handbook for anyone interested in simply growing fruit in the backyard or running a large commercial orchard.  Originally published in 1914 as a textbook for students of agriculture, this guide contains valuable advice, from choosing the heaviest yielding varieties to pruning for maximum productivity.  Combines practical illustrations with tried and true methods.  An authoritative guide to orcharding for both the hobbyist and the expert grower. 5-1/2 x 8-1/4, 336p, 150+ illustrations, 1914, reprint 2003.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print, only 1 copy remaining! 
T0021 paperback ..........US $14.95 CAN $19.95

THE BACKYARD BERRY BOOK: A Hands-on Guide to Gardening Berries, Brambles, & Vine Fruit in the Home Garden
Stella Otto.  Hands-on advice from a professional horticulturist and experienced fruit grower.  Provides all the information backyard gardeners need to grow strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, lingonberries, currants, gooseberries, grapes, and kiwi fruit.  Covers: site selection and preparation; plant selection and propagation; botany; soil nutrition, photosynthesis, and water; pest control; and diseases.  Features troubleshooting Q’s & A’s, and a seasonal activity calendar.  A valuable, handy reference. 6 x 9, 288p, b&w illustrations, 1995.
B2061 paperback..........US $17.95 CAN $23.95

THE BACKYARD ORCHARDIST: A Complete Guide to Growing Fruit Trees in the Home Garden
Stella Otto.  Award Winner.  A comprehensive guide to starting and maintaining a small orchard in your yard or rural acreage.  Shows how to select trees and the best site for an orchard, prepare the soil for planting, prune for maximum growth and production, control pests and diseases, harvest and store the fruit.  A good step-by-step guide from start to finish. 6 x 9, 250p, b&w illustrations, range maps, 1993.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print, only 1 copy remaining! 
B2037 paperback ..........US $17.95 CAN $21.95

Brenda Olcott-Reid, William Reid.  A book designed for students, growers, and those who deal with perennial fruit and nut crops.  Emphasizes ecological and economical production methods and offers information about the use of fruit trees in home landscapes.  Begins with the basics of fruit and nut production, including general principles of establishing and maintaining a planting.  Sections follow with specific instructions for growing the individual fruit and nut crops, including small fruit production (bushes, vines, or herbaceous perennials), tree fruit production, tree nut production, minor and experimental fruit crops, and home fruit growing.  From an owner/manager in the field, a reference filled with practical tips, advice, and information. 8-1/2 x 11, 602p, b&w photos & illustrations, tables, 2007. OVERSIZE.
F5759 paperback..........US $59.95 CAN $74.95

NUT TREE ONTARIO: A Practical Guide
Ernie Grimo, Society of Ontario Nut Growers (SONG).  A “how-to” resource guide for people interested in establishing nut tree plantings in temperate climates.  Begins with an introduction and the “Basics of Nut Growing,” covering everything from harvesting, handling and storing nuts, establishing an orchard, to deciding what and when to plant, and more.  Features individual chapters devoted to: Hazelnut; Heartnut; Sweet Chestnut; Persian Walnut; Black Walnut; Butternut; the Hickory family, and; others.  Contains a final section on nut tree propagation, including tips and techniques.  A valuable, up-to-date reference for professionals and hobbyists alike. 8-1/2 x 11, 127p, color photos, illustrations, 2011.
SONG-2 paperback..........US $20.95 CAN $22.95

Marian Van Atta.  How to choose the right tree and variety for your location.  How to plant it, keep it healthy, protect it, and make sure it produces a bountiful harvest.  Includes many recipes.  A handy, concise guide. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 144p, b&w illustrations, 1993.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 1 copy remaining! 
G0018 paperback ..........US $10.95 CAN $14.95

Donald Hilliker.  If you ever wanted to grow and care for evergreen trees for fun or profit, this book will help guide you through the entire process.  This long-time nurseryman (NY) covers all the basics, including tree varieties, planning and planting sites, soils, fertilization, herbicides, marketing, tax considerations, record keeping, and more.  Written for both the beginner and expert nurseryman alike. 8-1/2 x 11, 214p, b&w photos & illustrations, 1991, reprint 1993.
B5021 paperback ..........US $24.95 CAN $33.95

Donald and Joan Hilliker.  This "addendum" continues where "Basics" leaves off (B5021 above).  Virginia pine, Leyland cypress, Sand pine and others are discussed, plus added detail on Scotch pine, Concolor and Douglas fir.  A major segment is devoted to pesticides, toxicity and environmental concerns.  Additional coverage includes: new zone hardiness maps; Integrated Pest Management (IPM); new Grade Standards; successful marketing concepts and ideas, and more.  Features "where to find it" and "how to find them" resources (U.S.). 9 x 12, 220p, b&w photos & illustrations, 1992. OVERSIZE.
A5005 binder ..........US $24.95 CAN $33.95

Arthur Chapman, Robert Wray.   An authoritative source that includes the basic principles, as well as specific practices.  Covers all of the important or necessary topics, ranging from the suitability of land, species selection, planting, maintenance and protection, and more.  Guides the reader through various stages of establishing and maintaining a Christmas tree plantation.  A valuable resource for new or prospective Christmas tree growers on both a small-scale and large commercial plantations. 5-1/2 x 8-1/4, 220p, photos and illustrations, 1984.
C0740 hardcover ..........US $29.95 CAN $39.95
          ON SALE ..........US $22.95 CAN $27.95...... limited copies remaining!

CHRISTMAS TREES - Growing & Selling Trees, Wreaths & Greens
Lewis Hill.  Contains all the advice you need to become a successful grower.  Includes site planning, plantings, care, equipment, weather, and marketing.  A popular, "classic" reference covering all the basics. 6 x 9, 160p, line drawings, 1989.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and is no longer available. 

C5669 paperback ..........US $12.95 CAN $16.95

GROWING CHRISTMAS TREES: Select the Right Species, Raise the Best Trees, Market for the Holidays (Storey Basics)
Patrick White, Lewis Hill.  Drawing from Hill's popular classic, a “how-to” guide to growing and selling Christmas trees – from choosing the best site and preparing the soil to selecting the best tree species, planting seedlings, maintaining trees to market size, controlling weeds, dealing with disease and pests, marketing, and generating additional income with wreaths and greens.  An invaluable resource for interested landowners. 5 x 7, 128p, b&w illustrations, 2015.
G3653 paperback..........US $9.95 CAN $14.95


BIGLEAF SUGARING: Tapping the western maple
Gary & Katherine Backlund.  Outlines the sugaring process of the Bigleaf maple (western, Oregon and/or broadleaf maple) from start-to-finish – from how to “get started” (including equipment and supplies), tapping, sap collection and handling to syrup making.  Covers sap flow and tree dynamics, tree stand management, personal successes and failures, and more.  A “how-to” primer for those with an interest in tapping the western maple. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 96p, b&w photos + illustrations, 2004.
B0609 paperback ..........US $15.00 CAN $21.95

SUGARING: A Maple Syrup Memoir, with Instructions
Susan Carol Hauser.  A narrative about the act of sugaring, with instructions and recipes.  Hauser reflects on Native American traditions and on the process she herself uses when making maple syrup.  Sections serve as a primer to guide the beginner through every stage of sugaring, from selecting trees and hanging sap buckets to the finished product.  For anyone with an interest in taking up sugaring, everyone with a maple tree, and all those with nostalgia for the rural landscape.  Formerly published as Sugartime. 4-1/2 x 7-1/2, 144p, b&w photos & illustrations, 2004.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 1 copy remaining! 
S3772 paperback ..........US $12.95 CAN $16.95

BACKYARD SUGARIN’: A Complete How-To Guide (3/e)
Rink Mann.  Revised, expanded edition tells how you can make maple syrup in your own backyard, without having to build a sap house or buy expensive equipment.  “… Indispensable advise to whomever wants to sugar on a shoestring” – Southern Vermont Magazine.  Everything you need to know packed into one small guide. 6 x 9, 96p, b&w photographs, illustrations, 1976, 1978, reprint 1991, 2005.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - limited copies remaining! 
B2162 paperback ..........US $10.95 CAN $14.95

THE SUGARMAKER’S COMPANION: An Integrated Approach to Producing Syrup from Maple, Birch, and Walnut Trees
Michael Farrell.  “The first guide of its kind for the small- and large-scale syrup producer seeking to make a profitable business from maple, birch, and walnut sap.”  Offers information on sugarbush management, the economics of sugaring, and marketing strategies.  Incorporates insight on ecological forest management, value-added products, and the most up-to-date techniques on sap collection and processing.  Readers will find if syrup production is right for them (and on what scale), determine how to find trees for tapping, learn the essentials of sap collection, the art and science of sugarmaking, and how to build community through syrup production.  Applicable for a wide range of climates and regions, an invaluable guide to an integrated sugaring operation for both home-scale and commercial sugarmakers alike. 8 x 9-1/2, 344p, color photos, figures, 2013.
S3971 paperback..........US $39.95 CAN $55.95

THE MAPLE SUGAR BOOK, 50th Anniversary Edition
Helen & Scott Nearing.  A reprint of the Nearings’ Vermont classic, complete with never-before-published photographs.  Filled with a history of sugaring from Native American to modern times, with tips on how to tap trees, process sap, and market syrup.  A practical how-to-guide for small-scale operations.  Fifty (50) years after its original publication, it is as relevant as ever to the homestead or small-scale commercial practitioner. 6 x 9, 320p, b&w illustrations, photos, 2000.
M2632 paperback ..........US $25.00 CAN $32.95
          ON SALE ..........US $19.95 CAN $26.95...... only 1 copy remaining!

Northeast Historic Films.  Maple sugaring was an early practice of native North American Indians and European settlers in the New World.  It is still the first farm crop of the year following the cold winter in New England and parts of Canada.  This video interweaves legend, science, song, history and geography to tell the story of the maple industry. 28 minutes, color, sound, DVD format.  Produced in Vermont.
M2995 DVD video ..........US $29.95 CAN $39.95
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