AMERICA’S FAMOUS AND HISTORIC TREES: From George Washington’s Tulip Poplar to Elvis Presley’s Pin Oak
Jeff Meyer.  A guide to growing America’s greatest trees - right in your own backyard.  Meyer has collected seeds from more than 400 famous trees, sold 1,000s of saplings, and planted trees in all fifty (50) states.  In each chapter, he tells the history of one tree and talks about his experience of propagating it, explaining how the reader can grow the seeds of that tree. 8-1/2 x 11, 224p, 24p color insert, 75 b&w illustrations, 2001.
A8910 hardcover ..........US $30.00 CAN $37.95

Gary W. Watson, E.B. Himelick (ISA).  Widely accepted as the leading text on planting techniques.  A “how to” book for professionals to help in the successful planting of trees and shrubs.  Topics include: planting site evaluation and preparation; plant selection and transport; planting methods and season; root system development after planting; care after planting; common problems of transplanting trees, and; more. 7 x 10, 200p, b&w line drawings, 1997.
P6180 paperback ..........US $49.95 CAN $62.95
         ON SALE ..........US $34.95 CAN $42.95..... only 2 copies remaining!

TREE PITHY POINTS: Brief Messages on Tree Biology, Tree Care, and Philosophy
Dr. Alex Shigo.  More than a short book on trees.  Incorporates philosophy into tree care as part of a coherent outlook on life and the world around us.  The 950 brief messages are those used in talks by Dr. Shigo since 1960 and the photographs punctuate some of the points.  The object of the book is to make you think.  Ideal for those with little time to read. 6 x 9, 160p, 78 color photos, 1999.
T3178 paperback ..........US $20.00 CAN $26.95

John Hartman, Thomas Pirone.  "The definitive source on maintenance of North American landscape trees" revised and updated.  Includes the latest techniques in selecting, planting, and protecting trees.  Extensive section on diagnosis and control of tree pests and diseases, and on problems, like construction damage, sunscald, leaf scorch, air pollution, and more.  Added information on hazardous trees and coping with tree pests and diseases.  Contains a systematic listing of the major landscape trees found in North America, describing the specific pests and diseases that attack each species. 6-1/2 x 9-1/4, 560p, 287 b&w photos, 29 line illustrations, 2000. OVERSIZE.
T9916 hardcover ..........US $65.00 CAN $65.00

Dr. Alex Shigo.  "The first and only book on tree anatomy."  Examines the parts and structure of the tree system, and the beautiful and marvelous ways they are connected.  Shown from the inside, with close-up low-power microscopic views (8 to 64x).  See how trees respond to stress, how rapid closure starts internal cracks, and more.  A beautiful, durable book for people who care for trees and/or those who care about trees. 9 x 12, 104p, 94 color photos, 1994.
T3143 hardcover ..........US $79.00 CAN $109.95

Dr. Alex Shigo.  "...A New Tree Biology changed the way the world looked at, studied and understood trees from the inside and out."  Originally published in set, now they are combined - all the text and terms in one.  The book contains facts, photographs and philosophies on trees, tree biology, problems, and proper care.  Features discussion of specific afflictions and treatment.  Includes 132p dictionary, with quick reference to 239 important subjects (i.e. terms, topics and treatments for trees, their problems, and proper care, etc.).   An all-in-one, valuable comprehensive resource. 6-1/2 x 9-1/2, 751p, 688 photos, references, index, 1986, reprint 2002. OVERSIZE.
N3127A hardcover ..........US $87.00 CAN $120.95

Dr. Alex Shigo.  A booklet geared to laymen and young people, including homeowners, gardeners, and students (gr. 6+).  Outlines the simple tree basics, explaining the complex and fascinating mysteries of how a tree works.  Large, open format, with lots of illustrations and photographs.  A great introduction or primer covering the basics.  8-1/2 x 11, 40p, 26 photos, 19 illustrations, 1995.
T316X paperback ..........US $8.00 CAN $12.95

ARBORICULTURE: Integrated Management of Landscape Trees, Shrubs, and Vines (4/e) 
Richard Harris, et al..  A comprehensive guide to the care of trees, covering all aspects of arboriculture from the fundamentals of tree growth and development to developing plant health care programs.  Follows the tree from the selection in the nursery to planting and aftercare.  Describes the integration of the landscape environment (climate, soil and related organisms), its effect on landscape plants, and how to manage both effectively and efficiently.  Revised features include: updated assessment of tree care practices; thorough evaluation of the benefits from trees; emphasis on special management situations, and; more.  "An irreplaceable reference tool" for both students and professionals. 8-1/4 x 10-1/2, 592p, b&w photos + illustrations, 2003. OVERSIZE.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 1 copy remaining!

A8826 paperback ..........US $127.95 CAN $142.95

Julian A. Dunster, Susan M. Murray.  Contains a discussion of the main issues concerning arboriculture and the law in Canada.  Details case studies and legal precedents for disputes involving trees and shrubs.  A valuable reference for arborists, attorneys, administrators, the general public, or anyone else with an interest in trees. Though written specifically about Canadian law, this text is an important resource for all arboricultural consultants. 5-3/4 x 9, 227p, 1997.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - limited quantity available!
A6199 paperback ..........US $49.95 CAN $68.95

THE BODY LANGUAGE OF TREES: A handbook for failure analysis
C. Matteck, H. Breloer. R. Strouts (trans.).  "A rare combination of science and experience, this book teaches how to interpret and evaluate potential tree hazards.  The silent signs of their body language are graphically described."  Tells the reader how a tree breaks, why it breaks, why perhaps it breaks too soon, and how it gives you warning.  Coverage includes: a practical guide for tree inspection; the tree form as an ideal structure; mechanical concepts applied to trees; manifestations of tree fractures, and; the Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) method that bridges the gap between tree biology and biomechanics.  A fascinating book that uses simple, and often humorous insight into the mechanics of the structure of trees. 5-3/8 x 9-1/4, 240p, b&w photos + illustrations, 1995.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and is no longer available at this time.
B0670 paperback ..........US $79.95 CAN $79.95

Department of Environment, Transport & the Regions (Britain).  Deals with the range of factors relevant to tree-related hazards.  Provides a better understanding of how to assess and manage risks to people and property, and how to protect trees from unnecessary felling and disfigurement.  Topics include: the factors contributing to hazard and risk; wood decay and the identification of decay fungi; assessment procedures; remedial and preventive management, and; environmental considerations.  A valuable resource or reference. 5-1/2 x 9-1/4, 388p, b&w illustrations, color photos, 1999.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 2 copies remaining!
P3556 paperback ..........US $86.95 CAN $92.95

Nelda Matheny, James Clark.  A first-rate tool for evaluating the hazard potential of urban trees.  By providing a systematic rating approach, tree evaluations allow managers to identify hazard situations, rank their relative severity, and create a priority for work.  Important aspects discussed in this guide include: review of past and present site conditions; identification and assessment of structural defects in root, root crown,
trunk, and tree crown; evaluation of likely and significant failure; assessment of the significance of the target, and; development of the hazard rating. 8-1/2 x 11, 85p, color photos, appendices, 1994.
P6040 paperback..........US $49.95 CAN $62.95

Marvin Stokes, Terah Smiley.  Tree-ring dating, or dendrochronology, is the study of the chronological sequence of annual growth rings in trees.  This book is “one of the most cited references,” providing a simple introduction to the discipline.  Begins with the basic principles of tree-ring dating, then describes details of the process, step-by-step, from the time a sample is collected until it is incorporated into a master chronology.  For students and professionals, a concise, well-illustrated reference that provides great information on the basics of dendrochronology. 5-1/2 x 8, 73p, b&w photos, illustrations, charts, 1996.
I6804 paperback..........US $16.95 CAN $22.95

James Speer.  Tree-ring dating ("dendrochronology") is a method of scientific dating based on the analysis of tree-ring growth patterns.  This text includes a history of the discipline, biological and ecological background, principles of the field, basic scientific information on the structure and growth of trees, the complete range of dendrochronology methods, as well as a full description of each of the relevant subdisciplines.  Chapters address the composition of wood, methods of field and laboratory study, dendroarchaeology, dendroclimatology, dendroecology, dendrogeomorphology, and dendrochemistry.  Provides thorough introductions to common computer programs and methods of statistical analysis.  A text providing "all you need to know" for those new to the field or a welcome comprehensive reference for practitioners at all other levels. 7 x 10, 368p, 99 b&w photos, 58 b&w illustrations, tables, map, 2010.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and will no longer be available.
F6842 hardcover..........US $59.95 CAN $79.95
         ON SALE ..........US $49.95 CAN $59.95...... only 2 copies remaining!

Dr. Alex Shigo.  A book about the tree system - how it grows; how it defends itself, and how it eventually dies.  This "systems approach" to practical tree care is geared to the working arborist.  Covers everything from roots to buds, including biology, specific problems, common tree treatments, and landscape considerations.  Outlines new and better ways to help trees stay healthy, safe and attractive.  Appendix includes information on tree defenses, energy and stress, communications, projects, and more. An acclaimed and popular reference on proper tree care. 6 x 9, 440p, b&w photos and illustrations, 1991.
M3097 hardcover..........US $68.00 CAN $96.95

SEEDS OF ONTARIO TREES & SHRUBS: Field Manual for Crop Forecasting and Collecting
Ontario Tree Seed Plant.  A timely revision of the Seed Manual of Ontario.  Includes most of Ontario’s native tree and shrub species, and a few non-native species.  Divided into 3 sections: Basics, Operations and Species.  The “Basics” section contains background on afforestation, plant biology and seed quality.  The “Operations” section describes forecasting, collecting, field storage & shipping.  The third section, “Species,” is divided by Conifers, Broadleaf Trees, Shrubs and Vines and then by Collection Seasons (Early, Mid and Late Season) so collectors can plan their activities better.  Within each of these color-coded collection seasons, species are organized alphabetically by Latin name.  A comprehensive introduction for new seed collectors, as well as a field-worthy companion for experienced collectors. 6-3/4 x 8-1/2, 276p, color photos, 2014.
SEEDSONT spiral-bound..........US $42.95 CAN $48.00

GROWING TREES FROM SEED: A practical guide to growing native trees, vines and shrubs
Henry Kock, w/ Paul Aird, John Ambrose, Gerald Waldron.  A user-friendly reference to growing native trees from seeds within as little as ten (10) years.  Discusses the secret to success – knowing what seeds to collect and how to prepare and propagate them.  Covers the ecology, abundance, fruit characteristics and edibility of more than two hundred (200) native species.  Provides expert guidance on: when to gather fruits and how to extract seeds; when and how to germinate the seed; seed treatment, including a seed-treatment guide; transplanting, and; expected growth rate.  “There is no better book on how to grow native trees from seed than this.” 8-1/2 x 11, 280p, 70 color photos, 240 b&w illustrations, seed-treatment guide, 2008. OVERSIZE.
G7363 hardcover..........US $45.00 CAN $45.00
          ON SALE ..........US $40.00 CAN $40.00...... only 2 copies remaining!

USDA.  A revision of the USDA Forest Service's 1974 Agriculture Handbook 450, Seeds of Woody Plants in the United States.  Presents information about growing and planting of trees and shrubs, as well as advice on the collection and sale of seeds, production of nursery stock, and planting.  Part 1 comprises seven (7) chapters that provide general principles on seed biology, genetic improvement, harvesting and conditioning, storage, testing, seed certification, and nursery practices.  Part 2 has been expanded to include almost 1,300 taxa in 236 genera (most additions are either tropical species grown in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, and the Pacific territories or native species that recently have increased in value for wildlife or environmental plantings).  A valuable, comprehensive resource for those involved in the growing and planting of trees and shrubs, whether that be in the collection and sale of seeds, production of nursery stock (both bareroot and container), or planting itself. 8-3/4 x 11-1/4, 1233p, b&w photos, figures, tables, 2008. OVERSIZE.
W1319 hardcover..........US $169.95 CAN $237.95

Sandeep Kumar, Matthias Fladung, eds.. This unique text integrates tree transgenesis, functional genomics, and structural genomics to present, for the first time, a unified approach to research on the molecular biology of forest trees.  Scientists and researchers from around the world combine to present the most up-to-date information.  Main sections include: Forest Tree Functional Genomics; Molecular Biology of Wood Formation; Forest Tree Transgenesis, and; Genome Mapping in Forest Trees.  A valuable reference providing "concise information on the most recent and important developments in molecular forest genetics." 6 x 8-1/4, 462p, tables, figures, 2004.
M9594 paperback ..........US $79.95  CAN $111.95

THE GRAFTER’S HANDBOOK: A Practical Guide (6/e)
Robert J. Garner; revised & updated by Steven Bradley.  The Grafter's Handbook is the classic reference book and revered encyclopedia (and the only one of its kind) on plant propagation by grafting, and favored by orchardists and gardeners since its first publication (1947).  Now revised and updated for a new generation, reflecting significant developments in the field (including the use of hot callusing to improve rapid graft union, the development of machines for grafting, the breeding of improved rootstocks, and more).  Chapters include information on compatibility and cambial contact; rootstocks and their propagation; tools and accessories; methods of grafting; tree-raising in nurseries; and grafting established trees.  This all-time classic is back and better than ever.  Everything the dedicated amateur, student, and professional horticulturalist wants to know about grafting is here, clearly written in a concise and straightforward style, the distillation of a lifetime's careful study and research. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 320p, b&w photos + illustrations, 2013.
G482X hardcover..........US $40.00 CAN $52.95

NATIVE TREES, SHRUBS, AND VINES: A Guide to Using, Growing and Propagating North American Woody Plants
William Cullina.  The first and only book on the use, cultivation, and propagation of temperate North America’s native woody plants.  A comprehensive reference to almost 1,000 native woody plants.  Written in lively, informative language.  It points out that “ecological gardening” offers specific benefits to the individual as well as the environment.  Includes a propagation chart.  A definitive reference for gardeners, landscapers, naturalists, restorationists and nursery growers.  A classic, widely-used resource. 8-1/2 x 11, 336p, 200 color photos, 2002. OVERSIZE.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - availability uncertain (contact for details).
N8585 hardcover ..........US $40.00 CAN $55.95

Richard Bir.  Profiles more than ninety (90) species of trees and shrubs native to eastern United States (North America), including how to propagate and care for them - with particular attention to the Southeast and mid-Atlantic region.  Contains detailed descriptions, supplemented by color photographs highlighting flowers and other showy features.  Section on propagation provides detailed instructions for germinating seeds, as well as rooting stem and root cuttings.  A valuable, "single source" resource.  7 x 10, 192p, color photos and illustrations, 1992. 
G3660 paperback ..........US $30.00 CAN $42.95
         ON SALE ..........US $26.95 CAN $34.95...... only 2 copies remaining!

Michael A. Dirr , Charles Heuser, Jr..  An updated edition of this propagation classic that has 34,000+ copies in print.  Discusses over 1,100 species of trees and shrubs and their propagation requirements by seeds, cuttings, grafting and budding, and tissue culture.  Introductory chapters on each of the above propagation methods present detailed how-to information.  All tables, charts, and figures have been updated to reflect current costs.  Information on the various seed vendors, laboratory and chemical supply companies, and tissue culture laboratories also has been updated.  Photographs of flowers, fruits, and seeds of many of the species are now included.  A must for the nursery experts or gardeners who want to propagate their own trees and shrubs.  8 x 11, 398p, 1200+ b&w photos + illustrations, 1987, 2006.
R5092 paperback..........US $49.95 CAN $69.95

Bruce Macdonald.  A landmark volume - “the first comprehensive book on plant propagation oriented to the practical needs of the professional nursery grower.”  Leads the grower through all the steps in developing and maintaining a profitable propagation unit.  Provides an exhaustive exposition of propagating principles and techniques, from seed propagation to cuttings, sticking, grafting, layering, and tissue culture.  The book is based on the actual working methods of successful propagators worldwide and presents detailed explanations and illustrations of the procedures used. 8-1/2 x 11, 660p, 627 b&w photos, 30 line drawings, tables & charts, 1986, 2006. OVERSIZE.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - availability uncertain (contact for details).
P8402 paperback ..........US $69.95 CAN $86.95

SEEDS: The Definitive Guide to Growing, History, and Lore
Peter Loewer.  With a focus on the practical concerns of seed savers, Loewer provides advice on buying, storing and germinating, sterilizing soil, indoor to outdoor transplanting.  Blends science and hands-on experience, offering "reader-friendly” methods for germination, stratification, collection and storage.  Includes ancient lore, history, and biology of seeds.  Fascinating and practical – “… this is a how-to interspersed with lots of interesting trivia… .”  A valuable informative reference for those with an interest in the subject. 6 x 9, 240p, 48 b&w illustrations, 1995, 2005.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 2 copies remaining!
S6825 paperback ..........US $17.95 CAN $23.95

SECRETS OF PLANT PROPAGATION: Starting Your Own Flowers, Vegetables, Fruits, Berries, Shrubs, Trees, and Houseplants
Lewis Hill.  Learn the techniques of successful plant propagation – seeds, division, layering, cuttings, grafting, bud grafting, and tissue culture – , as well as how to avoid mistakes and disappointments.  Methods recommended for: fruits and nuts; woody trees and shrubs, and; perennial herbaceous plants.  “… Beginners will learn from step one; those with more advanced will discover new techniques and find tips to improve their results.” A good overall resource. 8-1/2 x 11, 176p, b&w illustrations, 1985.
S3704 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $26.95

Donald and Joan Hilliker.  A nursery "primer" for anyone with the "itch" to grow conifer seedlings and transplants on a small scale.  Covers all the basics, from site, soil, water requirements to detailed procedures for successful production.   Discusses sources and treatment of seed, sowing, care of beds, lifting and grading, transplanting , basic weed control, and more.  Insights for the beginner from a long-established nursery operation (NY). 8-1/2 x 11, 220p, b&w photos + illustrations, 1992.
G5013 paperback ..........US $24.95 CAN $32.95

Donald and Joan Hilliker.  An introduction to commercial production of bare-root conifers and directed to the grower who wants to go beyond the hobby stage and become a nurseryman.  Soil fumigation, soil solarization, inoculation and fertility are presented in detail, as is the basic layout of the nursery.  Seed suppliers, zones or countries, seed treatment, handling and storage are discussed as well as growing and quality monitoring.  Covers seedlings, herbicides, IPM, and other plant health subjects, and much more.  A useful resource and sourcebook for anyone growing seedlings for profit. 10-1/4 x 11-1/2, 210p, b&w photos + illustrations, 1992. OVERSIZE.
G503X binder ..........US $24.95 CAN $32.95

R.J. Garner.  Long considered the bible for professional horticulturists and hobbyists alike, this classic text offers a comprehensive course in grafting, with detailed instructions, accompanied by line drawings and photographs that provide a vivid visual reference.  Describes all aspects of tree and shrub grafting.  "Everything you want and need to know." 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 320p, 159 b&w photos + diagrams, 1947, fifth edition 1998, reprint 2003. 
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and no copies are currently available.
G0393 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $24.95

Pruning Tips and Techniques

Dr. Alex Shigo.  From the deemed "father of modern arboriculture," a new visual booklet outlining the basics of tree pruning.  Photographs and illustrations - with captions - introduce and illustrate the "do's and don't's" of pruning techniques and methods. 8-1/2 x 11, 34p, color photos, b&w illustrations, 2004.
T1400 paperback ..........US $14.00 CAN $19.95

Edward Gilman.  Filled with updated color illustrations, photos, and examples, this guide is designed to help readers understand and implement the appropriate pruning practices that are vital to developing sustainable structure in the first 25 years of a tree's life.  Features: coverage of topics like tree biology, structural pruning, and nursery pruning; numerous species examples of all pruning methods; detailed protocol for pruning different aged trees; a focus on preventive tree care, and; information about the challenges associated with pruning, like disease prevention, root pruning, mature tree pruning, and restoration following storms.  Completely revised and expanded edition presents pruning practices and techniques in accordance with ANSI A-300 standards.  "…An essential reference for anyone interested in the pruning and maintenance of trees." 8-1/2 x 10-3/4, 476p, color photos, color + b&w illustrations, tables, 2011.  Companion to Trees for Urban & Suburban Landscapes, T0539.
I730X paperback..........US $164.95 CAN $160.95

David Joyce.  Provides an easy-to-follow agenda of precisely what to do, when, and how.  Extensive treatment to deciduous trees, evergreen trees and shrubs, hedging plants, topiary, climbers, roses of all kinds, tree fruits, soft fruits and vines.  Contains practical advice, techniques (new and old), as well as a detailed visual reference of what a plant should look like before, during, and after pruning. 8 x 11, 224p, color photos, 300+ step-by-step, two-color diagrams, 2001.
P5347 paperback ..........US $24.95 CAN $24.95

TREE PRUNING: A Worldwide Photo Guide
Dr. Alex Shigo.  An informative photographic guide discusses pruning for both attractiveness and health.  The first and only book that takes you inside to show you how branches come on a tree.  Once you know this, proper pruning becomes easy.  A conversational style, plus step-by-step illustrations, makes it easy to understand.  A 40-page appendix provides more detail on twenty-seven (27) pruning subjects. 6-1/4 x 9-1/4, 192p, 126 color + 24 b&w photos, diagrams, 1989. 
T3089A paperback ..........US $39.00 CAN $55.95

PRUNING MADE EASY: A Gardener’s Visual Guide to When and How to Prune Everything, From Flowers to Trees
Lewis Hill.  From the renowned nurseryman and author, a thoroughly revised edition of his highly acclaimed book, Pruning Simplified.  Over 300 step-by-step illustrations demonstrate the techniques for pruning many variety of plants, including trees, shrubs, bushes, hedges, and vines.  Discusses when, how and why various plants should be pruned, artistic pruning techniques, and how to prune safely.  A popular reference on the subject. 8-1/2 x 11, 224p, 300+ illustrations, charts, tables, 1997.
P0064 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $26.95

THE PRUNING OF TREES, SHRUBS AND CONIFERS (2/e, revised and expanded)
George E. Brown, Tony Kirkham.  How, when, and where to prune?  The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and Conifers recommends the best pruning techniques and practices.  This unique encyclopedic treatment details the best pruning methods for 450+ genera of trees, shrubs, conifers, and woody climbers.  The A–Z format covers several thousand species, yet remains a manageable and practical reference.  Kirkham clearly explains the reasons behind pruning techniques as well as how to apply them.  “Quite simply, the book on pruning...” - Gardening Newsletter. 7 x 9, 340p, 48 color photos, 5 b&w photos, 55 line drawings, 3 tables, 2004, 2009.
P0026 paperback..........US $24.95 CAN $34.95
        ON SALE ..........US $19.95 CAN $ copies available!

Tree Worker References

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).  Learning arboriculture terminology is an extensive and ongoing process.  This pocket-sized glossary contains approximately 1,000 arboricultural terms in a convenient, spiral-bound format.  Essential for all tree workers, including commercial, utility, consulting, and municipal arborists.  A valuable resource tool for urban foresters, landscape maintenance specialists, educators, writers,
government agents, and students. 4-1/2 x 7-1/2, 130p, 2008.
G1530 spiral-bound..........US $14.95 CAN $18.95
         ON SALE ..........US $12.95 CAN $15.95......only 2 copies remaining!

KNOTS AT WORK: A Field Guide for the Modern Arborist
Jeff Jepson.  Features a “knot directory” to over fifty (50) arborist knots, from the Anchor Hitch to the Double fisherman’s loop and the Figure-8 on a bight.  Devotes equal attention to both aspects of knot knowledge – construction (tying the knots) and application (using the knots).  Easy-to-use format combines an abundance of illustrations and concise text.  A valuable field reference. 4-1/2 x 8, 184p, b&w illustrations, 2013, 2014.
K7913 paperback..........US $16.95 CAN $22.95

Sharon Lilly.  Written specifically for tree climbers, this book was written from the perspective of what the climber needs to know in order to climb and do aerial tree work safely.  As well as a basic text, the book also is used as a study guide for the ISA Certified Tree Worker Program.  Chapters include: Tree Health & Sciences; Safety; Ropes & Knots; Climbing; Pruning; Rigging; Removal, and; Cabling.  Each chapter includes a list of important terms and concludes with a workbook section. 8-1/2 x 11, 172p, 200+ color illustrations, 2006. 
T6482 paperback/flex ..........US $64.95 CAN $79.95

Sharon Lilly, Ohio Agric. Ed..  Discusses or acquaints the reader to the general operations of the tree care industry.  The manual also serves as a training aid for workers at the entry-level as tree care professionals.  Covers the subjects important to a tree care worker, including chapters on: the tree service industry; basic tree anatomy; tree identification; clothing, equipment and tools; climbing and working in the tree; aerial lifts; pruning; identification and treatment of tree problems, and; more.  A good, comprehensive introduction to the industry. 8-1/2 x 11, 143p, b&w illustrations, b&w photos, 1992.
T0014 paperback ..........US $29.95 CAN $39.95

TREE CLIMBER’S COMPANION: A Compact Field Reference and Training Manual for Tree Climbers (2/e)
Jeff Jepson.  An excellent field reference and training manual for tree climbers.  Includes revised climbing system (P.R.E.P.), tools and some special tricks of the trade, “tying-in” procedure, climbing with climbing spurs, ascending and descending techniques, and the latest in knots for the tree climber (including the Marchard Tresse), rope storage, and safety standards.  A valuable, compact field resource filled with detailed illustrations and information. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 104p, 200+ b&w illustrations, 2000.
TCC2 paperback ..........US $15.00 CAN $21.00


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