Helen Hiebert.  With a small investment in equipment (or the supplies to make it from scratch), learn how to turn a small harvest of backyard weeds or garden plants into handmade paper, cards, envelopes, lampshades, keepsake books, and more.  Illustrated step-by-step instructions and descriptions how to collect, harvest, and process the plant fibers.  Includes embellishing techniques.  Will appeal to anyone who enjoys creating from nature. 9-1/4 x 10, 112p, color photos throughout, 2006.
P6224 paperback ..........US $14.95 CAN $18.95

PINE NEEDLE BASKETRY: From Forest Floor to Finished Project
Judy Mofield Mallow.  Shows how to transform fragrant pine needles into stunning coiled baskets and other decorative items.  It's surprisingly easy, with all forty (40) projects based on wrapping needles around a center.  From this simple technique, however, crafters can create limitless variety through the way they shape the coils, dye the needles, vary stitches, embellish with beads and seeds, and incorporate leather and wood.  Includes sections on gathering and storing materials, making lids and handles, and more.  A classic text in basket-making. 7 x 10, 112p, color photos throughout, 2010.
P6037 paperback..........US $14.95 CAN $18.95

CARVING FOUND WOOD: 10 Top Carvers Share Techniques and Inspirations for One-of-a-Kind Driftwood, Bark and Other Natural Form Pieces
Vic Hood, Jack Williams.  "Move beyond typical store-bought materials to see what Mother Nature can provide.  ...Readers will meet some of the most acclaimed artists in the United States who specialize in carving driftwood, cypress knees, cottonwood bark, bristle cone pine and other forms of weathered wood - commonly known as found wood."  Hear their stories of foraging wood, view photographed samples of their work, learn what each artist looks for in a piece of wood, what tools they use, tips for finishing, and more.  An inspirational reference for any carver. 8-1/2 x 11, 90p, color photos throughout, 2002.
C1597 paperback..........US $19.95 CAN $25.95

Chris Lubkemann.  "Relax the old-fashioned way."  With 40 years of whittling experience, Lubkemann will have readers "whittling away for hours" with expert guidance presented in a straightforward style reflecting the simplicity of the craft.  Create twenty (20) useful and whimsical objects with nothing more than a pocketknife, a twig, and a few minutes of time.  "All the instruction and inspiration you'll need to become an accomplished and relaxed whittler." 6 x 9, 104p, color photos throughout, 2005.
L2747 paperback..........US $12.95 CAN $16.95

TREE CRAFT: 35 rustic wood projects that bring the outdoors in
Chris Lubkemann.  With some creative tweaking, bring the elegance of natural wood indoors.  If you "can work with a few basic tools, you can create these thirty-five (35) unique and practical projects using easy-to-follow instructions and some found wood."  Projects include knotted wood photo frames, table lamps, coffee tables, coat racks, coasters, napkin rings, spoon holders, and more.  Simple, rustic ideas to transform found twigs, branches, and fallen trees. 8-1/2 x 11, 128p, color photos throughout, 2010.
T4553 paperback..........US $19.95 CAN $26.95

CRAFTED FROM NATURE: Rustic Furniture Techniques
Bim Willow.  The author features three women who share their special designs of rustic woodworking.  Using the materials that nature provides, the three create furniture and accessories for home and garden.  New Yorker Jane Voorhees creates a picture frame using birch bark and twigs.  Skye Gregson, who lives among the Adirondack Mountains, makes a diminutive three-legged table, with cherry burl top and apple legs.  From a log, sculptor Marcia Perry, of Michigan, carves a cave-like child's chair with a delightful squirrel gracing the top.  Each project is illustrated with step-by-step color photos, and detailed descriptions of the techniques employed, so readers have a clear guide to creating the furniture. 8-1/2 x 11, 80p, 286 color photos, 2010.
C3267 paperback..........US $16.99 CAN $21.99

Doug Stowe.  Learn the basic techniques of the craft through ten (10) projects with multiple variations.  The step-by-step projects include western cedar tables, a rustic tree branch footstool, a slab-top coffee table, a rustic chair, and more.  Every technique is detailed, from cutting round mortises and tenons to making a webbed seat, weaving twigs, traditional joinery, and more.  Learn how to use recycled or reclaimed wood to create functional, freeform artisan furniture.  A straight-forward instructional reference from an award-winning woodworker and teacher. 8-1/2 x 10-3/4, 144p, color photos, b&w illustrations, 2009.
R0766 paperback..........US $22.95 CAN $29.95

RUSTIC GARDEN FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES: Making Chairs, Planters, Birdhouses, Gates & More
Dan Mack, Thomas Stender.  Through thirty (30) attractive outdoor projects, two experts in this traditional art teach the pleasures of working with sticks, twigs, and other found wood, including the Birch Bark Planter, Folding Twig Screen, Adirondack Chair, and Rustic Loveseat for Two.  Photographs and illustrations supplement straightforward instructions.  No experience required for many pieces.  A rustic woodworking book with something to offer for both novice and experienced craftspeople. 8 1/2 x 10, 144p, color photos & illustrations, 2004.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 2 copies remaining!
R137X paperback ..........US $14.95 CAN $19.95

DRIFTWOOD FURNITURE: Practical Projects for Your Home and Garden
Derek Douglas.  Shows how to construct unique and useful chairs, tables, benches, arbors, and decorative objects.  Features 19 projects, including an Adirondack chair, boat planter, garden bench, wine rack, and more.  Each is clearly illustrated and explained with step-by-step instructions, including a full list of the materials and tools required.  A book that will appeal to novice and experienced woodworkers alike. 8-1/2 x 11-1/2, 144p, 16p color insert, 60 line drawings, 2003.
D7021 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $19.95

A BEND IN THE WILLOWS: The Art of Making Rustic Furniture
Paul Dolphin.  Explains the history, philosophy, tools and materials of the craft.  Provides plans and step-by-step instructions for eighteen (18) furniture projects, ranging from popular designs to several unusual projects, including a birch bark canoe, bob sleigh, and log vase.  Something for novice and experienced woodworkers alike. 8-1/2 x 11, 144p, color + b&w photos, 2002.
B4574 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $23.95

Daniel Mack.  No woodworking experience required to make attractive, functional rustic furniture – in a weekend!  One of the best-known rustic craftsmen explains the materials and tools needed and demonstrates simple techniques.  If you can hammer a nail, you can make a ladder that can become a chair or bookcase; several types of tables; a bentwood chair; a twig picture frame, and; more. 8-1/2 x 11, 112p, 150 color photos, 40 b&w drawings, 1999, reprint 2000.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 2 copies remaining!
R2200 paperback ..........US $14.95 CAN $19.95

Bim Willow.  The rustic furniture movement is part of the larger "green" movement that aims toward a sustainable world.  This sassafras and willow furniture does its part by using renewable plant materials and recycling waste wood to make functional, beautiful furniture and accessories for the home and garden.  All projects, including a simple bench, a chair, and a baker's rack, are easy and require minimal tools.  Step-by-step, illustrated instructions take readers through the whole process, explaining in detail what needs to be done and how to do it.  The results are beautiful furniture for use indoors or out. 8-1/2 x 11, 80p, 300 color photos, 2009.
M2503 paperback..........US $16.99 CAN $21.99

Abby Ruoff.  Shows how to embellish home gardens with everything from simple birdhouses and planters to elaborate benches and trellises - all made from twigs and bentwood.  Learn where to find the wood, and basic techniques for working with twigs and vines.  New edition introduces twelve (12) unique designs to "the classics."  Includes complete plans for all sixty-three (63) projects, with skill levels ranging from beginner to expert. 7-3/8 x 9-1/4, 288p, 16p color insert, 2001.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 2 copies remaining!
M1865 paperback ..........US $28.95 CAN $32.95

Abby Ruoff.  Contains complete instructions for fifty-eight (58) eclectic twig furniture projects, from simple picture frames to handsome tables and chairs.  Everything you need to know about making your own rustic twig furniture, including the tools, twig harvesting and weaving techniques, plus accurate tree and shrub identification.  New edition offers 16 pages of color photographs, new illustrated instructions, and 10 new projects. 7-1/2 x 9, 320p, color insert, 350 color illustrations, 1999.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 1 copy remaining!
M1857 paperback ..........US $28.95 CAN $32.95

Dan Mack.  “Anyone can make rustic furniture for the cost of a few nails, a walk in the woods, and this book”  - Popular Woodworking.  Displays the rich traditions and stylistic range of past and contemporary rustic furniture.  Well-researched and illustrated. 8-1/2 x 10, 160p, color & b&w illustrations, 1992.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 3 copies remaining!
M4124 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $25.95

Brenda and Brian Cameron.  Using the simple instructions and wide range of projects in this book, anyone can make rustic bent willow furnishings for indoors or out.  Projects include a quilt ladder, garden tool caddy, plant stand, hanging baskets, chair, loveseat or porch swing, bed headboard, mirror frames, a log cabin planter box, and more. 8 x 9, 144p, color photos & illustrations, 1998. 
M048X paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $27.95

Jim Long.  Any garden or landscape is made instantly more inviting with the addition of a trellis, arbor, or natural fence.  Features step-by-step instructions that show how to collect limbs from a variety of native trees, then craft and install dozens of designs.  Color photographs of all projects in a garden setting.  Includes suggestions for vining plants to grow on a trellis or arbor. 8 x 9, 128p, color photos, illustrations, 1998. 
M051X paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $27.95

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