Forestry Issues





John Kimble, Rattan Lal, Richard Birdsey, Linda Heath.  Given the potential importance of forest soils for carbon sequestration, this text provides a greater awareness of soil processes and their relation to carbon dynamics, as well as strategies to monitor and techniques to measure forest soil carbon.  Covers the effects of management on soils in a wide range of forest ecosystems together with policy options that are effective and benefit both the forest community and the over all environment.  Includes chapters on economics, policy issues, and future research priorities.  Will appeal to forest and land use managers, urban planners, landowners, policy makers, environmental groups and others seeking a “holistic approach to land management, environmental quality and improved forest productivity.” 7 x 10, 448p, 99 b&w photos, 2002.
P5835 hardcover .........US $275.00 CAN $379.95

LIFE IN THE SOIL: A Guide for Naturalists and Gardeners
James B. Nardi.  Award Winner.  A unique, illustrative introduction to the unheralded creatures inhabiting our soils and shaping our environment aboveground.  Begins with an introduction to soil ecosystems, revealing the unseen labors of underground organisms maintaining the rich fertility of the earth as they recycle nutrients between the living and mineral worlds.  Nardi then introduces readers to a dazzling array of creatures (organized by taxon), covering everything from slime molds and roundworms to woodlice and dung beetles, as well as vertebrates from salamanders to shrews.  Ultimately explores the crucial role of soil ecosystems in conserving the worlds above and below ground.  A book that invites naturalists and gardeners alike to dig in and discover the diverse community of creatures living in the dirt below us. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 336p, 69 color plates, 229 b&w illustrations, 2 line drawings, 2007.
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Edward Plaster.  Highlights what farmers, horticulturalists, environmentalists and others need to know to promote effective use of soils.  Covers all aspects of soil usage, including management techniques, composition, fertility, erosion, conservation, irrigation, and more.  Includes information on nutrient management, best practices, and relevant legal issues and government programs.  A comprehensive, non-technical text on how soils work and how they are used most effectively. 8 x 9-1/4, 416p, b&w photos, tables, diagrams, 2003.
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Duane Gardiner, Raymond Miller.  Up-dated edition to this time-honored introduction to soil sciences.  Covers the complete spectrum of traditional and state-of-the-art soil topics, including: taxonomy; formation; properties; common problems and their solutions; evaluation; precision agriculture; GIS and GPS.  New coverage of tillage erosion, the phosphorous index, and organic farming.  A complete foundation for anyone interested or involved in soil science. 6 x 9, 264p, 89 color plates, b&w photos, tables, 2003. OVERSIZE.
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Nyle Brady, Ray Weil.  The most widely-used soils textbook in the world.  Updated material and format, with new photos and diagrams.  The text has an ecological approach that explains the fundamental principles of soil science.  Includes new or updated coverage of a wide variety of topics, including wetlands and their poorly aerated soils, irrigation management, septic tank drain fields, engineering properties of soils, and more.  A comprehensive reference that synthesizing a large amount of technical detail into a manageable format. 8-1/2 X 11, 960p, 238 b&w photos, 288 line drawings, 12p color insert, 2001. OVERSIZE.
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Milo Harpstead, et al..  Presents the basic principles of soil science and covers soil formation, components, chemistry, fertility, and conservation.  Updated, expanded edition provides greater depth to topics and presents the results of current research and trends.  Added coverage on the environmental aspects of soil science, new developments brought about by computer technology, and new techniques in waste disposal.  A readable and well-illustrated resource for students, farmers, and professionals. 6 x 9, 268p, b&w illustrations, 2001. OVERSIZE.
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Richard Fisher, Dan Binkley.  A valuable reference devoted to forest soils, the foundation of the entire forest ecosystem.  Revised edition details the distinctive features of forest soils.  Discusses the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of forest soils, as well as soil organic matter, roots, and biogeochemistry.  Touches on the practical management aspects, like nutrition management, site preparation techniques, soils for nursery and seed orchard operation, soil acidity, and techniques for sustaining and improving long-term soil productivity.  A good, comprehensive resource. 6-1/8 x 9-1/4, 512p, b&w photos, tables, figures, 2000.
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Sustainability - Conservation

FORESTS IN LANDSCAPES: Ecosystem Approaches to Sustainability
Jeffrey Sayer, Stewart Maginnis, eds..  Top researchers and practitioners contribute to provide the first book to take forest management forward using ecosystem approaches.  Combines an overview of ecological approaches to sustainable forestry and lays out the conundrums, while cross-cutting chapters examine the key issues andthemes of institutional arrangements and structures, including forest ownership, access and property rights, legal frameworks, joint/community management, precision forestry, and more.  Includes sections on subsidies, drivers of change for ecosystem approaches, and examples of best practices (United States, western Europe, Australia, Canada, Russia, India, as well as central and east Africa).  A thorough examination of ecosystem approaches to sustainable forest management at the levels of policy and practice. 6-3/4 x 9-1/2, 248p, figures, index, 2005.
F1968 paperback ..........US $44.95 CAN $49.95

Simon Bell, Dean Apostol, eds..  A definitive guide to the design and management of forest landscapes.  Covers the key concepts of forest design (theory and principles), as well as provides practical guidance on techniques and implementation (methods and tools).  Including a variety of international case studies, the book focuses on ecosystem regeneration and the management of both natural and plantation forests.  Using design processes, as well as visualization and evaluation techniques, it looks at promoting landscapes that are designed to optimize the balance between human intervention and natural evolution.  A comprehensive, practical book for all those involved in forestry and landscape professions. 7-1/2 x 9-3/4, 368p, 2007. OVERSIZE.
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Margaret Lowman, Bruce Rinker.  Nearly sixty (60) scientists and educators from around the world examine the biodiversity, ecology, evolution, and conservation of forest canopy ecosystems.  Explores the discoveries and opportunities that have emerged in the treetops of the world and offers an authoritative synthesis of studies in ecology and evolution.  Provides thorough coverage of the biodiversity, structure, function and conservation of these ecosystems.  Written by the foremost scientists in canopy ecology, a book for anyone interested in forest canopies and the life that they support above the forest floor. 7-1/4 x 10-1/4, 544p, color + b&w photos, 2004.
F5536 hardcover ..........US $107.00 CAN $147.95

PATHWAY TO SUSTAINABILITY: Defining the Bounds on Forest Management
John Fedkiw, Douglas MacCleery, V. Alaric Sample, introduction by Hal Salwasser.  Four (4) noted scholars offer their views on the evolution of forestry in the United States.  Outlines the challenges sustainability presents to society, its policy makers, and forest managers, and places the discussion within its political context.  An enlightening collection that provides a framework for discussing issues about sustainability. 6 x 9, 64p, color photos, 2004.
P0623 paperback ..........US $8.95 CAN $11.95

VIRTUAL CLEARCUT: or the way things are in my hometown
Brian Fawcett.  Non-Fiction Award Winner.  Fawcett, who grew up in Prince George (British Columbia) and has tracked its decline, draws a troubling parallel between the shattered forests of the Bowron River Valley and the gradual destruction of a town's confidence and quality of life - a "virtual clearcut" undermining its economic and social culture.  In the face of globalization, Fawcett shows how Prince George has lost its ability to control its own destiny and is losing its will to care.  A passionate, insightful, unconventional study of a city in decline that can both enlighten and infuriate. 6 x 9, 344p, b&w photos, 2003.
V1228 hardcover ..........US $29.95 CAN $32.95

TOWARDS FOREST SUSTAINABILITY: Regional, National, and Global Perspectives
David Lindenmayer, Jerry Franklin.  A unique collection of essays by some of the world's leading forests ecologists and managers describing the changes in forest management  - highlighting what worked, what did not, and why.  Documents the drivers of the change in the logging industry and the resulting outcomes, both good and bad.  Provides real-world insights, into government policy, industrial concerns, and conservation and biodiversity issues. 5-3/4 x 8-1/4, 212p, photos, tables, figures, maps, 2003.
T3816 paperback ..........US $37.50 CAN $44.95

WILD FORESTING: Practicing Nature's Wisdom
Alan Drengson, Duncan Taylor.  "Wild foresting" as a practice goes far beyond the minimal impact ideals of ecoforestry - promoting the responsible use of forests, connects indigenous knowledge systems, and unites a great variety of local practices tailored to unique forests around the world.  International forestry experts, dedicated to reconciliation in human-wild forest relationships, contribute their stories to this anthology.  Provides accounts of how wild foresting is being practiced around the world, with such diverse activities as: wild farming; wild crafting; adventure therapy; restoration; permaculture; ecosystem restoration, and; education.  Case studies (Amazon, Australia, Norway and Thailand) illustrate how wild foresting principles are adapted to different cultures and how emerging practices are fusing ancient knowledge systems with contemporary ecological studies.  "An informative walk in the woods for everyone concerned about biodiversity, ancient forests, indigenous cultures and endangered species." 7-1/2 x 9, 288p, 70 b&w photos & illustrations, 2008.
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TAKING STANDS: Gender and the Sustainability of Rural Communities
Maureen Reed.  Draws on the experiences of women who have become part of the transformation and restructuring of the forest industry and forestry communities.  Goes beyond the dichotomies of "pro" and "anti" environmentalism to tell the stories of these women seeking to protect forestry as an industry, a livelihood, a community, and a culture. A critical commentary on the social dimensions of sustainability in rural, resource-dependent communities. 6 x 9, 296p, 12 b&w illustrations, maps,  2004.
T0181 paperback ..........US $39.95 CAN $49.95

GREEN SPIRIT: Trees are the Answer
Patrick Moore.  From an ecologist and co-founder of Greenpeace, a book that proposes that, rather than reducing our consumption of wood, we should be planting more trees and using more renewable wood in order to reduce our reliance on non-renewable fuels and materials.  By linking forests, biodiversity conservation, and climate change, Moore argues that the apparent logic of saving the forests by cutting fewer trees and using less wood is actually an anti-environmental proposition. 8-1/2 x 11, 155p, color photos, 2000.
G0400 paperback ..........US $20.00 CAN $26.95

Robert Marshall.  From a founder of the Wilderness Society, the book is a call to the country to explore alternate means of ownership in order to save the country’s wilderness.  Marshall urges the public to save America’s treasured forests in this classic tome.  Surprisingly, his volume rings as true today as it did nearly seventy (70) years ago. 5 x 8, 264p, 12 charts & tables, 1933, reprint 2002.
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FOREST SUSTAINABILITY: The History, the Challenge, the Promise
Donald W. Floyd (FHS Issues Series).  Suggests that forest sustainability on a global basis is a distant, worthy, and perhaps unobtainable goal without significant changes.  Nevertheless, it remains a goal that we must seek.  This booklet provides a historical context to sustainable forestry internationally with a focus on North America. 6 x 9, 85p, color + b&w photos, figures, map, 2002.
F0615 paperback ..........US $8.95 CAN $11.95

Chris Maser, Charles Beaton, Kevin Smith.  Looks at resolving environmental conflicts through a “transformative” rather than a “problem-solving” approach; an approach that emphasizes the capacity of facilitation for personal growth.  Analyzes good and bad institutionalized social patterns in an ecological sense.  Offers positive and constructive ways of looking at potential obstacles to building a sustainable community. 6-1/4 x 9-1/2, 304p, 1998.
S1876 paperback ..........US $89.95 CAN $124.95

KEEPING FAITH WITH NATURE: Ecosystems, Democracy, and America's Public Lands
Robert Keiter.  Examines the historical, scientific, political, legal, and institutional developments affecting public land management priorities and policies.  Uses specific natural resource controversies to analyze the ideas, forces, and institutions both fomenting and retarding change.  In this time of change and the emergence of a collaborative process movement, Keiter offers a coherent new approach to natural resources policy.  An insightful examination that will appeal to anyone interested in public lands policy. 6-1/8 x 9-1/4, 416p, 20 b&w illustrations, 2003. OVERSIZE.
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LEARNING FROM THE FOREST: A Fifty-Year Journey Towards Sustainable Forest Management
Robert Bott, et al..  A part history of the company (Weldwood of Canada, Hinton Division), part forest survey, and part proposal for the future of silviculture.  Describes the evolution of the forward thinking necessary to successful forest management.  "A major illustration of what can be accomplished by professional forest managers when provided with continuous support for their endeavors…." 8 x 10, 256p, 100 color photos, 36 b&w illustrations, 2003.
L6236 paperback ..........US $34.95 CAN $34.95

VANISHING HALO: Saving the Boreal Forest
Daniel Gawthrop.  Reveals the array of wildlife, plants and peoples of the boreal forest, and explains why it is endangered, describing the impact of natural resource extraction and manufacturing.  Appraises the solutions on the horizon, including co-management – a combination of traditional knowledge and modern science – and ecosystem-based forest use, which emphasizes small-scale forestry. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 240p, 1999.
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FOREVER GREEN: The History and Hope of the American Forest
Chuck Leavell.  One of the most respected U.S. conservationists and tree farmers steers a well-reasoned course between the rabid environmentalists who would never cut a tree and the rapacious corporations who would clear-cut a mountainside without a second thought.  Leavell points out that wood is one of our most critical resources, one that must be wisely used and conscientiously renewed.  The message is frank, but encouraging  - "the American forest does have hope." 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 208p, b&w photos, 2001.
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FORESTS AND LANDSCAPES: Linking Ecology, Sustainability and Aesthetics
S. Sheppard, et al..  Increasingly, forest resource managers must consider the aesthetic consequences of timber harvesting operations and management plans. This is the first book to address the issue of forests as an important component in the visual appeal of landscapes.  Major topic areas addressed by leading researchers (United States, Canada, United Kingdom) include: approaches to aesthetics and sustainability; theories relating aesthetics and forest ecology; visualization of forest landscapes; reconciling forest sustainability and aesthetics in forest landscape management, and; more. 6 x 9, 340p, 31 color + 40 b&w illustrations, 2001.
F5004 hardcover ..........US $199.95 CAN $255.95

AMERICA’S PRIVATE FORESTS: Status and Stewardship
Constance Best, Laurie Wayburn.  A concise overview of the status and threats to the nearly 430 million acres of privately owned forests in the United States.  Identifies the vital role and major threats to private forests, as well as the barriers to conservation.  Outlines effective strategies and the available tools and programs for promoting conservation.  A unique sourcebook and reference for all those working to conserve and steward forest resources. 6 x 9, 224p, maps, tables, figures, 2001.
A9016 paperback ..........US $30.00 CAN $40.00

Léon Otis.  Un éloquent plaidoyer en faveur d’une gestion élairée de la forêt.  Une dénonciation du laxisme des gouvernements qui ont abandonné cette richesse collective aux mains des grandes compagnies sans se sourcier de la préserver pour les générations futures.   Ce livre retrace l’histoire de l’industrie forestière et des luttes menées par les travilleurs de la forêt.  Mettant en lumière les véritables enjeux du problème forestier québécois, it propose des solutions qui ont fait leurs preuves. 6 x 8-1/2, 208p, b&w photos, 2001.
U1424 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $20.95

The Wilderness Society.  The results of a national conference, convened by the Society, American Forests, and the World Resources Institute, to help establish a common framework upon which to guide the future development of forestry - the transition of conventional approaches of the past century to the ecosystem approach that will guide the next.  "Defining Sustainable Forestry is a genuinely multidisciplinary work - the first explicit acknowledgement that forest management requires a view of ecosystems in their human, biotic and physical entirety."  An essential volume for anyone with an interest in the future of forestry. 6 x 9, 320p, tables, illustrations, 1993.
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D2348 paperback ..........US $39.95 CAN $52.95

MORE TREE TALK: The People, Politics, & Economics of Timber
Ray Raphael.  A book termed "the most even-handed introduction to forestry issues available."  An insightful, compelling look at the human dimension of the challenges facing forestry.  Focuses on those whose lives depend on the outcome of current debates.  Explores new forestry practices and controversies, as well as emphasizes the importance of understanding the economic and political factors influencing forestry. 6 x 9, 348p, b&w illustrations, 1994.
M2542 paperback ..........US $50.00 CAN $61.95

David Dobbs, Richard Ober.  “...There’s no conservation issue more exciting and important that the future of the Northern Forest.  And no book explains the complex human dynamics as well as this one.  Its a classic!” - Bill McKibben.  A close focus on the lives of Northern Forest residents and discovery of an extraordinary sense of place that arises in those who have a continuous, working relationship with the land.  The relationships of these people with the forest are too often misunderstood by those hoping to preserve the region.  The authors assert that environmentalists must finally reinvent their approach to land conservation by creating meaningful, respectful alliances with residents of the special areas they would save. 6 x 9, 356p, 1996.
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N1814 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $26.95

RESOLVING ENVIRONMENTAL CONFLICT: Towards Sustainable Community Development
Chris Maser.  Explains the transformative approach towards facilitation.  Demonstrates how to help parties empower themselves to define the issues and decide a settlement on their own terms and time through better understanding of one another's perspectives.  Explains how this approach allows a conflict's outcome to be decided solely by the participants even though resolution may not take place for some
months after facilitation is complete.  "Inherent in the solution is a shared vision of the community without which sustainability is not possible." 6 x 9, 250p, 1995.
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paperback ..........US $89.95 CAN $98.95

ANATOMY OF A CONFLICT: Identity, Knowledge, and Emotion in Old-Growth Forests 
Terre Satterfield.  Explores the cultural aspects of the fierce dispute between activist loggers and environmentalists over the fate of Oregon's temperate rain forest.  Satterfield shows how the debate about the forest is, at its core, a debate about the cultural make-up of the Pacific Northwest.  "This book makes a significant contribution to our understanding of environmental controversies." 6 x 9, 208p, 16 b&w photos, 2002.
A8934 paperback ..........US $29.95 CAN $39.95

Practical Lessons in Sustainability

LIVING IN THE APPALACHIAN FOREST: True Tales of Sustainable Forestry
Chris Bolgiano.  An exploration of the fine line between the preservation and exploitation of the Appalachian forests.  Weaves together a dozen narratives from people whose lives are intimately connected to the woods, from a horse logger, a selective cutter, a ginseng grower, a clear cutter to a forest steward and others.  Examines the complex issues underlying “sustainability,” illustrating the challenges of achieving that elusive goal. 5-1/2 x 8-1/4, 224p, 16p b&w photo section, 2002.
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L8455 paperback ..........US $18.95 CAN $25.95

OLD GROWTH IN A NEW WORLD: A Pacific Northwest Icon Reexamined
Thomas Spies, Sally Duncan, eds..  Untangles the complexities of the old growth concept and the parallel complexity of old-growth policy and management.  A number of contributors - ecologists, economists, sociologists, managers, historians, silviculturists, environmentalists, timber producers, and philosophers - offer a broad range of perspectives on changes that have occurred in the valuing and management of old-growth forests in the Pacific NW over the past thirty years.  Addresses the implications for future management and considers how evolving science and social knowledge might be used to increase conservation effectiveness.  A book that encourages productive discussion on the future of old growth forests and offers options for more effective approaches to conserving forest biodiversity far beyond its geographic focus. 6 x 9, 340p, b&w photos, tables, figures, 2008.
O4105 paperback..........US $37.50 CAN $52.95

THE REDWOOD FOREST: History, Ecology, and Conservation of the Coast Redwoods
Reed Noss, ed..  Collects the latest insights and findings from conservation biology and data-gathering techniques on the geologic, cultural and natural history, ecology, management, and conservation of the flora and fauna of the redwood ecosystem.  Offers a case study for ecosystem-level conservation.  Provides organizations the information and tools needed to evaluate redwood sites and landscapes for conservation.  A vital resource for anyone involved with conservation of any forests. 6 x 9, 352p, tables, figures, 1999.
R7269 paperback ..........US $45.00 CAN $54.95

THE TILLAMOOK: A Created Forest Comes of Age (2/e)
Gail Wells.  For decades, debates over the fate of ancient forests have been commonplace in the Pacific West.  The Tillamook takes up the question of younger forests, exploring the creation of a managed forest and what its story reveals about the historic and future role of second-growth forests in the West.  “… A book for all citizens of responsible stewardship.” 6 x 9, 192p, b&w photos, illustrations, maps, 2004.
T0060 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $25.95

THE LOCHSA STORY: Land Ethics in the Bitterroot Mountains
Bud Moore.  A respected forester with the U.S. Forest Service shares a personal narrative exploring the lessons drawn from two centuries of human interaction with northern Idaho’s Lochsa country and how those lessons can affect management philosophies of similar regions across the continent and beyond.  Moore’s call for wiser stewardship extends well beyond his insight gained in the Bitterroot Mountains.  A must for anyone wishing to learn more about the history of land management in America’s national forests or those concerned about its direction. 6 x 9, 476p, b&w + historic photographs, maps, 1996.
L3338 paperback ..........US $20.00 CAN $26.95

Topical Issues

Michael Wulder, Steven Franklin, eds..  Combining techniques from a number of disciplines, including remote sensing, geographic information systems, forest monitoring, and landscape ecology, this book focuses on the application of both remote sensing and GIS technology to forest change and disturbance.  Contributing experts explore how remote sensing and GIS can be used to evaluate the predisposition of forests to disturbance caused by the effects of fire, insect infestation, forest harvesting, and extreme weather events.  Includes state-of-the-art examples of mapping key forest disturbances, covers pattern characterization, and illustrates the union of methods (RS/GIS), ecology, and biology to provide an improved understanding of forest disturbances and patterns. 6-1/8 x 9-1/4, 264p, 75 b&w illustrations, 2006.
U425X hardcover ..........US $154.95 CAN $213.95

FORESTRY AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE: Socioeconomic and Political Dimensions (Report #5, IUFRO Task Force on Environmental Change)
J. L. Innes, G. Hickey, H. F. Hoen, eds..  Drawing on a number of international case studies, this book examines the interactions between forestry and environmental change, from a social, economic and political perspective.  Presents novel insights into little studied topics, such as the influence of forest reserves on timber prices, the relationship between forestry and aboriginal populations, the certification of forest management and wood products, as well as the issues facing forests in transition countries.  Brings together the latest thinking on a wide range of topics, including deforestation in temperate and tropical forests, the application of forest zoning as an alternative to multiple-use forestry, capital management, establishment of large-scale reserves in temperate and boreal forests, and social revolutions in forest management.  A timely examination of the importance for forestry of changes in the socio-economic environment. 6 x 9, 274p, 45 figures & charts, 2006.
F0029 hardcover ..........US $140.00 CAN $185.95

P.H. Freer-Smith, M.S.J. Broadmeadow, J.M. Lynch.  Emerging as a component of the international dialogue on the environment and climate, the role of forests in influencing earth systems will need to be assessed.  Drawing together perspectives from researchers and policy makers, this book explores how forests will interact with the physical and natural world, and with human society as the climate changes.  Considers how the world's forests can be managed to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and to maximize the full range of economic and non-market benefits.  Providing an examination of the science, a detailed consideration of the science policy interface and the international frameworks & conventions, this book is valuable reading for all those interested in sustainable forest management, climate change and the associated environmental sciences. 6-3/4 x 9-1/2, 260p, color plates, figures, 2007.
F5962 paperback..........US $70.00 CAN $96.95

Jagtar Bhatti, Rattan Lal, Mick Price, Michael Apps.  Examines the effects of global climate change on intensively constructed or reconstructed ecosystems.  Explores land-use changes in relation to forestry, agriculture, construction, and mining.  Includes the effects of climate change on the plant/soil interface and soil health, as well as on wetlands, peatlands, and other aquatic systems.  With an overview of research and development priorities, it addresses policy and economic issues, including the impact of the Kyoto Protocol.  Features contributions from leading experts in the field.  A comprehensive reference for forestry scientists, ecosystem managers and others interested in the effects of climate change on ecosystem health. 6-1/8 x 9-1/4, 464p, 44 b&w illustrations, 2005.
C0971 hardcover ..........US $231.00 CAN $318.95

Terry Logan.  The published proceedings of a 1995 workshop (Sweden) focusing on how economic principles and analysis could contribute to the planning of forestry projects aimed at affecting terrestrial carbon balances.  Topics covered by these papers from international scientists include: an economic approach to planting trees for carbon storage; sequestering carbon in natural forests; conceptual issues related to carbon sequestration; silvicultural options to conserve and sequester carbon in forest systems; CO2-taxing, timber rotations, and market implications; optimal subsidies for carbon; the economic and environmental impact of paper recycling; can recycling of waste help us to sequester carbon in forestry; the cost of carbon sequestration in forests; assessing timber and non-timber values in forestry using a general equilibrium framework, and; much more.  A book with specific appeal to forestry officials and policy makers, environmental scientists and engineers, soil scientists, and ecologists. 7 x 10, 376p, 1997.
E1586 hardcover ..........US $132.95 CAN $183.95

THE CARBON BALANCE OF FOREST BIOMES (Vol. 57, Society for Experimental Biology Series)
Howard Griffith, Paul Jarvis, eds..  Provides an informed synthesis on the current status of forests and their future potential for carbon sequestration.  Discusses the ecology and regeneration state of temperate, tropical and boreal forests under current climatic conditions, together with partitioning of photosynthetic and respiratory fluxes from soils and vegetation.  Considers how to integrate contrasting methodologies, and the latest approaches for scaling from stand to the planetary boundary layer.   Includes chapters on: regional measurement and modeling of carbon balances; the carbon balance of forest soils; carbon forestry, and; much more.  A timely volume as the importance of forests in alleviating climate change processes is a matter of global concern and debate. 6 x 9-1/4, 360p, 12 b&w photos, 65 line drawings, 2005.
C2149 hardcover..........US $271.00 CAN $373.95

William Jaeger.  Explains the tools of economic analysis and shows how they can be used to help reveal the root causes of and potential solutions for environmental and natural resource problems.  Assuming no economics training, Jaeger’s step-by-step approach unearths surprisingly simple, easy-to-remember principles and shows how to apply them to real-world environmental problems.  Clear, concise and informative.  An introduction to the themes for non-economists or as a quick “refresher” for those with an understanding of environmental economics. 6 x 9, 304p, tables, figures, 2005.
E6688 paperback ..........US $35.00 CAN $45.95

M. Mencuccini, J. Grace, et al., eds..  Forest ecosystems grow at the interface between the land and the atmosphere.  Understanding the properties of this planetary boundary layer is very important for a number of related disciplines.  Based on conference proceedings (Edinburgh, 2001), this book presents an overview of many topics of significance at this interface, starting at the scale of intra-leaf organelles, leaves and plants, ranging to higher levels of organization such as communities and ecosystems.  Coverage includes: stomatal functioning; large-scale processes; radiation modeling; forest meteorology, and; carbon sequestration.  With contributions from leading international scientists, it will appeal to researchers in forestry, ecology, environmental sciences and natural resources. 7 x 9-3/4, 306p, 86 b&w line illustrations & figures, 1 color illustration, 2004.
F6776 hardcover ..........US $210.00 CAN $238.95

ECOLOGY OF WEEDS AND INVASIVE PLANTS: Relationship to Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (3/e)
Steven Radosevich, Jodie Holt, Claudio Ghersa.  Provides an in-depth understanding of how weeds and invasive plants develop and interact in the environment so that management and control can be more effectively.  Includes an introduction to weeds and invasive plants in various environments, an overview of their ecology and evolution, as well as coverage of exotic invasives.  Focuses on the biological features of weeds and invasive plants, especially as they exist in agriculture, forests, rangelands, and natural ecosystems.  Discusses a variety of methods and tools for managing weeds and invasive plants (including physical, cultural, biological, and chemical approaches), and examines systems approaches for management, including modern Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  A revised, updated edition of the classic reference on weeds and invasive plants. 6-1/4 x 9-1/4, 472p, b&w photos, tables, figures, maps, 2007.
E7794 hardcover..........US $115.95 CAN $138.99

Renata Claudi, Patrick Nantel, Elizabeth Muckle-Jeffs, eds..  Documents the status of invasive species in Canada and their known impacts on the biodiversity of various types of ecosystems.  Presents a collection of papers from experts in several disciplines who discuss and analyze invasive species from a variety of perspectives, including: invasion pathways; affected sectors; management and control, and; international collaborations.  A timely, comprehensive overview highlighting the alien species problem in Canada. 7-3/4 x 10-1/2, 320p, color photos, tables, maps, 2002.
A8252 paperback .........US $34.95 CAN $36.95

Ravinder Kumar Kohli, Shibu Jose, Harminder Pal Sing, Daizy Rani Batish, eds..  Invasive non-native species pose one of the greatest challenges for natural resource managers charged with the maintenance of biological diversity and the sustainable production of forest resources.  In this text, international contributors present the most updated information on invading plants, their impacts on forest ecosystems, and control strategies.  Covers population models of invasive plants and management tools for controlling the problem.  Addresses key issues, like the socioeconomic and policy aspects of plant invasion, and offers complete coverage of their ecological impacts and the varied levels of threats in diverse situations (temperate and tropical regions).  “...This book successfully captures the current state of knowledge surrounding this fast-growing ecological issue, making it an indispensable resource for those committed to the protection of global forestry and natural resources.” 6-1/8 x 9-1/4, 456p, 31 b&w photos, 90 illustrations, 2008.
I3374 hardcover..........US $154.95 CAN $213.95

FOREST HYDROLOGY: An Introduction to Water and Forests (2/e)
Mingteh Chang.  Revised, updated edition of the first book to provide a comprehensive introduction to water resources and the forest-water relation.  Features new material on forests and flooding, GIS methods in hydrology, and a new appendix on forest interception measurements.  Discusses various functional aspects of water, forests, and forest characteristics important to water storage and movement through the hydrologic cycle.  Includes state-of-the-art technology on watershed research and step-by-step examples on watershed calibration and assessments.  A valuable reference for students, forestry professionals and researchers, hydrologists, soil scientists, and environmental scientists. 7 x 10, 312p, 110 b&w illustrations, 2006.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and will be no longer available.

F3327 hardcover ..........US $119.95 CAN $152.95
        ON SALE ..........US $92.95 CAN $109.95....... only 1 copy remaining!

SELLING FOREST ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: Market-based Mechanisms for Conservation and Development
Stefano Pagiola,et al., eds..  Outlines a wide-ranging sample of cases in which ecosystem services, like biodiversity conservation, watershed protection and carbon sequestration, are finding real markets and real revenue flows – from Brazil to India, and Australia to the United States.  Demonstrates how payment systems can be established, their effectiveness in securing environmental benefits, and their role in efforts to eliminate rural poverty. 6 x 9-1/4, 320p, 2002.
S8888 paperback ..........US $57.95 CAN $72.95
         ON SALE ..........US $44.95 CAN $54.95....... only 2 copies remaining!

THE BIOENGINEERED FOREST: Challenges for Science and Society
Steven Strauss, H.D. Bradshaw, eds..  Bioengineering offers many opportunities for forestry.  This book presents compelling arguments in favor, including a survey of the range of forestry practices for which the use of biotechnologies might be appropriate.  Just as powerfully, it examines the significant technical and legal hurdles, possible undesirable environmental and social consequences, and the risks for businesses that are looking for near-term benefits.  A valuable reference for anyone interested in forest biotechnology. 6 x 9, 256p, 2004.
B3716 hardcover ..........US $100.00 CAN $129.95
          ON SALE ..........US $50.00 CAN $65.00....... only 1 copy remaining!

A VISION FOR THE U.S. FOREST SERVICE: Goals for its Next Century
Roger Sedjo, ed..  What lies ahead for America's first conservation-based agency?  This book is both a "look forward" and a celebration of the agency's 100th anniversary.  Provides reflections on the agency's past and future, perspectives about the stewardship of public lands, and analyses of the science involved in "scientific management."  An insightful, non-technical look backwards and forwards with appeal to anyone concerned with the fate of America's forests. 6-1/4 x 9-1/4, 288p, 2000.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and will no longer be available.
V3023 hardcover ..........US $39.95 CAN $52.95
          ON SALE ..........US $32.95 CAN $39.95....... only 2 copies remaining!

THE WEALTH OF FORESTS: Markets, Regulations, and Sustainable Forestry 
Chris Tollefson, ed..  A pioneering attempt to consider the concrete policy implications of the much discussed transition from industrial forestry in North America to sustainable forestry.  This book integrates two (2) distinct academic literatures: one seeks to define and identify ways to implement sustainable forestry, and the other that focuses on the relative merits of regulatory and market instruments for promoting environmental values. 6 x 9, 408p, reprint 1999.
W6834 paperback ..........US $45.95 CAN $45.95

Wiktor Adamowicz, et al., eds..  Explores theoretical and applied issues surrounding forest resource allocation.  The first section focuses on tropical forests, examining mechanisms for capturing or optimizing total economic value and the implications of forest policy on global trade in forest products and production.  The second examines non-timber values and valuation.  The final section considers ecosystem management and its impact on timber and non-timber values from theoretical and applied perspectives. 6 x 9-1/2, 296p, 30 illustrations, 1996.
F9829 hardcover ..........US $189.95 CAN $239.95
         ON SALE ..........US $100.00 CAN $119.95....... only 1 copy remaining!

AT THE CUTTING EDGE: The Crisis in Canada's Forests (Revised & Expanded)
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and is no longer available.
A6453 paperback ..........US $28.95 CAN $28.95

BALANCING ACT: Environmental Issues in Forestry (Revised 2/e)
Hamish Kimmins.  Calls for a balanced, more objective approach to forestry issues.  Revised edition further clarifies these issues in the forestry/environmental debate.  Discusses basic principles of forestry and ecology, and the major issues facing forestry worldwide, like clearcutting, old growth, biological diversity, climate change, forest values, and more.  New chapters look at the debate over the concepts of sustainable forestry, ecosystem management, respect for nature, as well as ecosystem health and integrity.  A popular reference from which readers "will gain a new understanding of how our forest ecosystems work and how they can be managed sustainably." 8 x 10, 310p, b&w photos + illustrations, 1997.
B5749 paperback ..........US $41.95 CAN $41.95

ROADLESS RULES: The Struggle for the Last Wild Forest
Tom Turner.  In January 2000, President Clinton submitted to the Federal Register the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, prohibiting road construction and timber harvesting in designated roadless areas.  This book offers a fascinating overview of its creation and the Bush administration's subsequent replacement rule, the controversy generated, the response of the environmental community, and the legal battles that continue more than seven years later.  Explores the value of roadless areas and why the Clinton rule was so important to environmentalists, describes the stakeholder groups involved, and takes readers into the courtrooms to hear critical arguments.  Turner also considers the lessons learned, arguing that it represents an excellent example of how the system can work when all elements of the environmental movement work together.  An insightful look at one of the most important, wide-ranging, and controversial efforts to protect public forests ever undertaken in the United States. 6 x 9, 192p, 2009.
R4407 paperback..........US $35.00 CAN $42.95

George Woodwell.  Presents a concise view of the current status of forests globally, of demands on them, and of their importance in maintaining a fully functional human habitat.  Also calls for local and global land use planners to weigh the spiraling competitive demands for forest resources and to redefine what is in the public interest in the context of forests. 5-1/2 x 8-1/4, 256p, 47 b&w + 3 color illustrations, 2001.
F8825 paperback ..........US $23.00 CAN $31.00

David Lindenmayer, Philip Burton, Jerry Franklin.  Salvage logging - removing trees from a forested area in the wake of a catastrophic event such as a wildfire or hurricane – is highly controversial.  In this book, leading experts on forest ecology explore a wide range of issues surrounding the practice.  Features case studies, the latest research and information about its economic & ecological costs and benefits, as well as considers the impacts of salvage logging on ecosystem processes and biodiversity.  A “must-read” volume for policymakers, students, practitioners, and professionals involved in all aspects of forest management, natural resource planning, and forest conservation. 6 x 9, 248p, b&w photos, figures, tables, 2008.
S4032 paperback..........US $35.00 CAN $42.95

M. Patricia Marchak.  A global picture of the tremendous changes in the forestry industry and their ecological, social, and economic impact.  Analysis includes: the restructuring of the global division of labor; changes in employment, production, land policies, and markets in northern countries; deforestation; plantation forestry, and; more.  Considers whether industrial forestry is sustainable and suggests ways global demand for forest products can be met in more efficient and sustainable ways. 6 x 9, 404p, tables, maps, charts, reprint 1997.
L3469 paperback ..........US $32.95 CAN $34.95

Christopher McGrory Klyza, Stephen Trombulak.  An authoritative, insightful overview of the complex issues surrounding current debates over land use in the Northern forest.  A fascinating and often detailed picture of the many political, economic, environmental, and ethical factors that will determine the fate of the largest U.S. forest ecosystem near major population centers.  Covers everything from natural history to local economic impacts.  Well-researched, very readable.  "Important reading for anyone involved in the forest industry.  Indeed, for anyone who cares about the Atlantic forests from whatever perspective." 6 x 9, 272p, tables, map, 1994.
F7109 paperback ..........US $27.95 CAN $34.95
         ON SALE ..........US $15.95 CAN $19.95....... only 2 copies remaining!

EASTERN OLD GROWTH FORESTS: Prospects for Rediscovery and Recovery
Mary Byrd Davis, ed..  The first book devoted exclusively to old growth forests throughout the East.  Leading experts examine the ecology and characteristics of old growth, explore its history, value (ecological and cultural), as well as make recommendations for its preservation.  Provides a thorough overview of the importance of old growth in the East including its extent, qualities, and role in wildlands restoration.  By making eastern old-growth issues better known and understood, this is an important resource tool for forest managers, policy-makers, and researchers. 6 x 9, 399p, photos, illustrations, tables, maps, 1996.
E409X paperback ..........US $45.00 CAN $52.95

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Its Implications for the Canadian Forest Sector
Monique Ross, J.O. Saunders (Canadian Institute for Resources Law - CIRL).  Provides a comprehensive review of legislative provisions governing environmental concerns in Canada that affect forestry activities.  Chapters deal with air and water pollution, pesticide use, environmental impact assessment processes, as well as the enforcement
of environmental obligations.  Addresses the implications of international obligations
on the roles of the federal and provincial governments with respect to forestry.  Also incorporates some policy analyses and economic considerations.  A book that will appeal to readers with a legal background as well as to those with a working familiarity with forestry law and policy, like forest companies, and government personnel & consultants. 6 x 9, 175p, 1993.
E9346 paperback ..........US $26.95 CAN $30.00
         ON SALE ..........US $18.95 CAN $20.95....... only 2 copies remaining!

Lloyd Irland.  The first book to review the nature of the forests of the nine Northeast (NE) states, their significance, and policy issues for a general audience.  Reviews their history from the original European settlements to the retreat of farming and regrowth of the forest in the 20th century.  Emphasizing the continuity of the history and varied uses of the forests, summarizes forces shaping past farming and land abandonment, forest cutting practices, insects, winds, diseases, and land development patterns. 6-1/8 x 9-1/4, 416p, 113 b&w + 40 line illustrations, tables, 1999. OVERSIZE.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 1 copy remaining!
N680X hardcover ..........US $52.50 CAN $69.95

FLEXIBLE CROSSROADS: The Restructuring of British Columbia’s Forest Economy
Roger Hayter.  Hayter argues that British Columbia’s (B.C.'s) forest economy is at a crucial crossroads, resting on its ability to remain flexible and open to innovation.  Examines the contemporary restructuring of B.C.’s forest economy, demonstrating how both resource dynamics - the transition from old growth to managed forests - and industrial dynamics - changing technology and global market forces - have shaped this transformation. 6 x 9, 416p, illustrations, tables, figures, 2000.
F7768 paperback ..........US $37.95 CAN $37.95

FORESTOPIA: A Guide to the New Forest Economics
Michael M’Gonigle, Ben Parfitt.  This book proposes solutions to the stalemate between industrial foresters and environmentalists in British Columbia.  Describes the history of forest extraction on the West Coast and calls for a radical shift in philosophy and practice to a value-based economy where fewer trees can produce more jobs.  Includes discussion of market pressures for alternative forest practices. 8-1/2 x 11, 200p, b&w photos, 1994.
F0961 paperback ..........US $26.95 CAN $26.95

FOREST FOLLIES: Adventures and Misadventures in the Great Canadian Forest
Ben Parfitt.  Explores the challenges facing Canadians as their forests give way to less diverse and less valuable second-growth tree plantations.  Reports on the decline of wildlife, the impact of industry on the forest, and recent environmental mishaps.  Argues for a more flexible and diverse approach, while presenting inspiring examples of communities that abandoned past practices in favor of alternatives that sustain our natural species. 6 x 9, 224p, b&w photos, 1998.
F1925 paperback ..........US $18.95 CAN $18.95

AGAINST THE GRAIN: Foresters and Forestry in Nova Scotia
L. Anders Sandberg, Peter Clancy.  A study of foresters and forestry in Nova Scotia reveals a rich tradition of alternative and dissenting practices intertwined with the professional and political orthodoxies of the day.  Profiles seven (7) forestry professionals who all have run “against the grain,” raising challenges in pursuit of new forestry practices.  These profiles, and the conclusions that follow, have relevance well beyond Nova Scotia, giving deeper perspective to the challenges engulfing contemporary forestry. 6 x 9, 376p, b&w photos & illustrations, 2000.
A7660 paperback ..........US $29.95 CAN $34.95
          ON SALE ..........US $26.95 CAN $26.95....... only 2 copies remaining!

CREATING A FORESTRY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY: The Science of Ecosystem Management
Kathryn Kohm, Jerry Franklin, eds..  Authoritative and multidisciplinary examination of the current state of forestry and its relation to the emergent field of ecosystem management.  Includes a synthesis of the principles of ecosystem management and their implications for forest policy.  Covers new understandings of ecological processes, challenges to long-held assumptions, and economic and political issues.  A definitive text on managing ecosystems, providing a compelling case for creative thinking beyond traditional bounds of forestry. 8 x 10, 491p, color photos, tables, figures, 1996.
C3999 paperback ..........US $55.00 CAN $59.95

ARBORETUM AMERICA: A Philosophy of the Forest
Diana Beresford-Kroeger.  An illustrated guide to the native trees of North America offering an informative and entertaining blueprint for rebuilding the biosphere.  The author’s remedy (the "Bioplan") consists of how different tree groups relate to their natural environments and how specific trees can be used to promote health or to counteract pollution and global warming.  Reveals the fascinating history of these trees in Native American culture, including their medicinal uses, and offers practical design ideas and tips. 8 x 9, 214p, 145 color illustations, 2003. 
A8512 paperback ..........US $35.00 CAN $46.95

Joan Voller, Scott Harrison.  Intended to improve planning and decision-making processes by providing up-to-date ecological information on issues of forest use - seeking to promote "new, ecologically sustainable approaches."  Topics covered are some of the most important in the current discussions about land use, connectivity, riparian areas, biodiversity and old growth.  "It is the single best book on this topic and deserves a spot on the bookshelf of everyone who studies and manages forest ecosystems... the material contained in the book spans an impressive array of ecological information applied to the management of forest ecosystems.  It is written in an engaging style accessible to both scientists and students ... I predict that Conservation Biology Principles for Forested Landscapes will become a classic in the forest  biology literature" - Northwest Science, 73:1, 1999. 6 x 9, 256p, illustrations, 1998.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 1 copy remaining!
C629X paperback ..........US $29.95 CAN $29.95

Mark Boyce, Alan Haney, eds..  How can ecosystem management achieve a balance between the need to produce commodities and sustain biodiversity and the desire for such amenities as recreation and aesthetics?  In this book, leading experts clarify key elements of sound ecosystem management and offer concrete prescriptions for implementing them. 7 x 10, 392p, 130 illustrations, 1999.
E8587 paperback ..........US $37.00 CAN $46.95

Hanna Cortner, Margaret Moote.  The first book to focus entirely on the political challenges facing ecosystem management in the United States (U.S.) as it moves from theory to practice.  Considers the profound changes that will be required of the American governance system if the shift to ecosystem management is to be realized.  A valuable reference for those involved with any aspect of developing and implementing ecosystem-based approaches to resource management. 6 x 9, 191p, tables, figures, index, 1999.
P6726 paperback ..........US $28.00 CAN $35.95

NATURAL WOODLAND: Ecology and Conservation in Northern Temperate Regions
George Peterken (Britain).  Describes how woodlands grow, die and regenerate in the absence of human influence, as well as the structures and range of habitats found in natural woods.  Uses examples of virgin and old-growth forests in Europe and North America, and outlines the dynamics and structure of natural temperate woodlands.  A fascinating account of woodland natural history for those concerned with the management and ecology of natural or commercial woodlands. 7-1/2 x 9-3/4, 536p, b&w illustrations, line diagrams, tables, 1996.
N7921 paperback ..........US $120.00 CAN $139.95

Steven Yaffee, et al..  The first practical, comprehensive guide to ecosystem management efforts nationwide.  Provides descriptions, strategies, and conclusions drawn from 105 representative ecosystem management sites.  Includes an assessment of each effort, including factors facilitating and constraining progress.  A resource advancing the understanding of ecosystem management by moving the debate from theory to practical experience. 8-1/2 x 11, 352p, tables, figures, maps, 1996.
E5029 paperback ..........US $50.00 CAN $62.95
         ON SALE ..........US $32.95 CAN $39.95....... only 1 copy remaining!

Resource Tools

Sorry, this title has gone out of print and is no longer available.
D503X hardcover ..........US $39.95 CAN $39.95

Marc Cote.  A unique, completely bilingual reference tool, providing definitions in two (2) languages for some 5250 terms in the broad field of forestry.  Definitions from close to 340 sources, in some fifty (50) forest-related disciplines.   An indispensable work tool for those  who must, in their day-to-day work, use terminology that reflects today's ever-changing world of forestry. 6 x 9, 476p, 2001.
D7422 hardcover ..........US $47.95 CAN $47.95


NOLS WILDERNESS ETHICS: Valuing and Managing Wild Spaces
Glenn Goodrich, Jennifer Lamb.   Delves into some of the thorniest problems in environmental ethics, exploring them in clear, straightforward language, like: What is wilderness?  Why should it be protected?  Do animals have rights?  Do trees?  Also provides a history of the United States wilderness movement and introduction to all relevant federal agencies and legislation.  This new edition of a NOLS classic is the definitive book on environmental ethics and their relation to managing wildlands.  Originally published as An Introduction to Wildland Ethics and Management (1992). 5-3/8 x 8-1/4, 256p, 30 b&w photos, charts, 1992, 2006.
N2541 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $25.95

Peter List, ed..  "Major environmentalists look at the ethical underpinnings of forestry."  Includes a rich sampling of writings reflecting the new directions and thinking in environmental ethics and philosophy as they apply to foresty.  Focuses on: ethical systems in forestry (including Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic in Forestry); two philosophical issues in forestry ethics (multiple values in forests and the rights of trees and other natural objects), as well as; contemporary forestry ethics, including basic principles, codes of ethics, "new forestry - new forest philosophies," ethical issues in global forestry, and more.  A comprehensive reader on the subject. 7 x 10, 416p, 2 figures, 2000.
E7855 paperback ..........US $42.95 CAN $54.95

Lloyd Irland, ed..  This far-ranging collection of readings examines professional, business, environmental, and government ethics as they apply to forestry.  Enables foresters to make sense of general and formal rules of ethics and how to readily apply them to their profession.  A book that will appeal to foresters and natural resource managers in particular, but also will interest concerned citizens and citizen groups. Refreshingly for all, "it does not seek to teach the right answers, but to ask the right questions." 6 x 9, 468p, 8 b&w photos, 1995.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and will no longer be available.
E2811 hardcover ..........US $39.95 CAN $52.95
         ON SALE ..........US $32.95 CAN $39.95....... only 2 copies remaining!


DRAFTING A CONSERVATION BLUEPRINT: A Practitioner's Guide to Planning for Biodiversity
Craig Groves (The Nature Conservancy).  The first book to lay out a step-by-step planning process for conserving the biological diversity of entire regions.  Explains how to develop a regional conservation plan and offers experience-based guidance that brings together relevant information from the fields of ecology, conservation biology, planning, and policy.  A final section offers advice on turning plans into action.  A book grounded in a strong scientific foundation and the realities of implementation. 6 x 9, 404p, color + b&w figures, maps, tables, 2003. 
D9393 paperback ..........US $55.00 CAN $69.95
         ON SALE ..........US $40.00 CAN $52.95....... only 2 copies remaining!

CONSERVING FOREST BIODIVERSITY: A Comprehensive Multiscaled Approach
David B. Lindenmayer, Jerry F. Franklin.  Argues that the conservation of forest biodiversity requires a comprehensive and multiscaled approach that includes both reserve and non-reserve areas (the “matrix”).  Attempts to lay the foundations for such a strategy, assembling the latest scientific information on landscape ecology, forestry, conservation biology, and related disciplines.  Presents five (5) case studies that illustrate aspects and elements of applied matrix management in forests. 8 x 10, 352p, b&w photos, tables, figures, maps, 2002.
C9350 paperback ..........US $49.50 CAN $59.95

Malcolm Hunter, ed..  Focuses on how biodiversity can be maintained in forested ecosystems, particularly in forests subject to timber harvesting.  At the core of the book lies the concept that diversity should be conserved in all its forms - from the smallest microbes to the largest trees, and at all levels of organization - from genes to whole ecosystems.  Introductory chapters on biodiversity and ecological forestry lead on to sections dealing with management at the macro (landscape) and micro (stand) levels.  Contributors from ten (10) different countries thoroughly examine various issues dealing with socio-economic, management and ecological principles.  A comprehensive reference that will interest  researchers and professionals in conservation, forestry, and ecology.  "... I predict that this book will significantly influence practitioners of the rapidly evolving art and science of ecosystem management" - Jack Ward Thomas. 6 x 9, 714p, 86 line diagrams, 12 tables, 1999. OVERSIZE.
M7686 paperback ..........US $110.00 CAN $126.95

BIODIVERSITY IN CANADA: Ecology, Ideas, and Action
Stephen Bocking, ed..  Examines the concept of biodiversity and its evolution.  Explores answers to many fundamental questions surrounding the concept and, in so doing, shows how biodiversity can only be understood through the insights provided by many perspectives.  Many contributing authors provide a diversity of outlooks and approaches on the ecology of biodiversity, its study and value, policies needed to protect it, and who participates in protecting biodiversity. 6 x 9, 400p, 16 b&w photos, 8 line drawings, 1999.
B2388 paperback ..........US $39.95 CAN $42.95

Fred Bunnell, Jacklyn Johnson, eds..  Award Winner - Choice.  Addresses the major problems facing policy-makers and managers attempting to sustain biological diversity in managed temperate forests.  Problems and solutions are examined at common levels of biological organization from genetics through populations to large forested landscapes.  The solutions are then integrated in a fashion that connects directly with forest practices. 6 x 9, 176p, 1998.
P6915 paperback ..........US $36.95 CAN $36.95

Chris Maser.  Tackles the difficult problem: how are we to maintain sustainable diversity in the Earth’s ecosystems and our cultural systems?  Contains examples of how natural and cultural diversity have been reduced by altering the linkages between climate, soil, water, air, forests, animals, and people.  Provides a holistic overview of environmental issues that 21st century decision-makers must address in shaping our destiny.  Suggests how to design a future in which culture and nature are in harmony. 6 x 9, 432p, 1999.
E3778 paperback ..........US $89.95 CAN $124.95


Jennifer Rietbergen-McCracken, Stewart Maginnis, Alastair Sarre, eds..  The first, practical hands-on guide to repairing the damage done by irresponsible forest activity, explaining how to increase the resilience of landscapes and the communities they support.  Features the first comprehensive treatment of "Forest Landscape Restoration" (FLR) that provides a complementary framework to sustainable forest management and the ecosystem approach in landscapes in cases where forest loss has caused a decline in the quality of ecosystem services.   A valuable handbook for practitioners in all aspects of forestry and natural resource management. 6-1/8 x 9-1/4, 160p, 2007, 2008 (pb).
F5842 paperback ...........US $62.95 CAN $83.95

Stephanie Mansourian, Daniel Vallauri, Nigel Dudley, eds..  The importance of restoration continues to grow, and this book integrates the restoration of forest functions into landscape conservation plans.  The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has made forest landscape restoration a key topic and priority for its environmental work. This book represents the collective body of knowledge & experience of WWF and its many partners on the topic of forest restoration at large scales.  Contains concise, practical information for a variety of specific systems and issues.  A valuable reference and “first stop” for ecologists, conservationists, researchers, foresters and students working in the field. 7 x 10, 432p, 27 illustrations, 2005.
F5257 hardcover ..........US $89.99 CAN $124.95

RESTORING NATURE: Perspectives from the Social Sciences & Humanities
Paul Gobster, R. Bruce Hull, eds..  Explores the moral and ethical questions that arise during the planning and implementation of restoration projects in urban and wildland settings.  Suggests ways conflicts might be resolved, providing diverse examples of stewardship from across the United States.  Provides a wealth of ideas, case studies, methodological approaches, and disciplinary perspectives for anyone working to manage or restore natural ecosystems. 6 x 9, 269p, illustrations, 2000.
R7684 paperback ..........US $35.00 CAN $42.95

Gordon Ringius, Richard Sims.  This field guide provides an introduction to the concept of plants as indicators of environmental conditions within Canada’s forests.  Presents information on the identification, ecology, geographic range and indicator value of 800 selected vascular plants, mosses and lichens. 5-1/2 x 7, 218p, b&w illustrations, 1997.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 1 copy remaining!
I8235 paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $19.95

REGENERATING THE CANADIAN FOREST: Principles and Practice in Ontario
Robert Wagner, Stephen Columbo, eds..  A guide for forest regeneration practices applicable to eastern Canada and the northeastern portion of the United States.  Provides a comprehensive synthesis about the principles and practice of forest regeneration, with special reference to Ontario.  Includes sections on: seedling production and establishment; direct seeding and natural regeneration; stand tending and protection; relation to other forest resources, and; program monitoring and management.  A reference guide that identifies reforestation problems and suggests feasible solutions. 8-1/2 x 11, 664p, b&w photos, maps, 2001. OVERSIZE.
R3783 print-on-demand ..........US $90.00 CAN $100.00

IN SERVICE OF THE WILD: Restoring and Rehabitating Damaged Land
Stephanie Mills.  An insightful examination of ecological restoration - the developing art and science of healing the wounds of the land.  The author tackles a hard question head-on -- how do we reconcile economic growth with conserving, or better, preserving wild places?  Mills examines what restoration can and can't do.  Presents readers with an inspiring program for restoring the land's poor cousins - overlogged forests and played-out fields, wildcat dumps and silted-up rivers-to something of their former health. 6-1/4 x 9, 240p, 1995.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and will be no longer available.
I5340 hardcover ..........US $23.00 CAN $31.00
        ON SALE ..........US $20.00 CAN $27.95....... limited quantity available!

PLANNING A WILDERNESS: Regenerating the Great Lakes Cutover Region
James Kates.  "...The story of how the land, devastated by logging, was regenerated" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.  Chronicles the extraordinary campaign to recreate the original Midwest forest – “the Great Lakes Crusade” (Minnesota, Wisconsin & Michigan).  Details the enormous technical challenges to restoring the North Woods and the equally arduous undertaking of selling reforestation.  An enlightening, entertaining account of a “natural” wonderland remade from the ground up. 5-7/8 x 9, 208p, 20 b&w photos, 2001.
P579X hardcover ...........US $29.95 CAN $39.95

A ROAD RUNS THROUGH IT: Reviving Wild Places
Thomas Reed Petersen, ed..  One critical issue facing the re-wilding of America is roads - 500,000 miles of roads built in federal forest lands to access natural resources and abandoned when the resources (timber, coal or other minerals) were removed.  This book features a collection of essays by some of today's finest nonfiction writers, exploring the scope of the problem, means to restore and revive these areas, and offer ideas on how to preserve and protect existing road-less wildlands. 6 x 9, 240p, 2006.
R3710 paperback..........US $17.50 CAN $22.95

OLD FIELDS: Dynamics and Restoration of Abandoned Farmland (The Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration Series)
Vicki Cramer, Richard Hobbs, eds..  Leading experts from around the world synthesize past and current work on “old fields,” providing an up-to-date perspective on the ecological dynamics of abandoned land.  Provides readers with a broad understanding of why agricultural land is abandoned, the factors that determine the ecological recovery of old fields, and how this understanding contributes to theoretical and applied ecology.  Twelve (12) case studies offer a global perspective on the causes and results of land abandonment.  The book represents an important contribution to the development of theory on old field dynamics and the practice of ecological restoration on abandoned farmland. 6 x 9, 352p, 60 figures, 21 tables, 2007.
O0756 paperback..........US $45.00 CAN $52.95

FLAMES IN OUR FOREST: Disaster or Renewal?
Stephen F. Arno, Steven Allison-Bunnell.  The book offers a non-technical account of the importance of fire in the forests of the western United States and shows how some of the benefits of natural fire can be restored.  The authors also offer candid commentary on wildland fire management practices and policies – arguably one of the most compelling ecological and natural resource management issues facing the West today. 6 x 9, 245p, b&w photos & figures, 2002.
F8834 paperback ..........US $30.00 CAN $36.95

Leonard Debano, et al..  A comprehensive exploration of the effects of fire - in forests and other environments.  Describes fire dynamics, soil responses, and responses of other resources, including air, water, vegetation, wetlands and riparian ecosystems, as well as cultural resources.  Outlines implications, like economic considerations and fire, in ecosystem management. 6-1/8 x 9-1/4, 352p, 1998.
F3562 print-on-demand..........US $306.95 CAN $367.99

R. Neil Sampson, et al..  A compilation of the ideas of federal and state agencies, universities, and NGOs on how to rank and prioritize forested watershed areas that are in need of prescribed fire.  Offers practical ideas and perspectives on using a Geographic Information System (GIS) for more effective wildfire management.  This technology helps authorities make informed judgments based on all the facts.  Includes maps, charts, tables, and formulas to make the process of building a GIS understandable and accessible. 6 x 8-3/8, 328p, color charts, maps, tables, 2000.
M0732 paperback ..........US $68.95 CAN $95.95

FIRE IN THE SIERRA NEVADA FORESTS: Photographic Interpretaion of Ecological Change since 1849
George Gruell.  168 paired photographs from past and present reveal the current state of Sierra Nevada forests.  Documents natural- and human-wrought changes in the Sierran ecosystem over the past 150 years.  Asks readers to study the evidence, then take an active part in current debates over prescribed fire, fuel buildup, logging, and the management of our national forests. 7-1/4 x 10-1/4, 256p, 182 b&w photos, site map, index, 2001.
F4466 paperback ..........US $20.00 CAN $26.95

RESTORATION FORESTRY: An International Guide to Sustainable Forestry
Michael Pilarski.  Compiles over fifty (50) articles from professional foresters, ecologists, and resource planners from research centers around the world.  Provides actual results and insights from forest ecosystem restoration projects in North America, Latin American and Asia.  A comprehensive sourcebook on sustainable forestry. 8-1/2 x 11, 528p, illustrations, 1994. OVERSIZE.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print - only 1 copy remaining!
R8514 paperback ..........US $26.95 CAN $41.50
         ON SALE ..........US $21.95 CAN $29.95 - slightly marked back cover.

Sorry, this title has gone out of print and is no longer available.
I9134 print-on-demand..........US $350.00 CAN $384.99


GOVERNING THROUGH MARKETS: Forest Certification and the Emergence of Non-State Authority
Benjamin Cashore, Graeme Auld, Deanna Newsom.  Documents five (5) cases in which the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a forest certification program backed by leading environmental groups, has competed with industry and landowner-sponsored certification systems for legitimacy.  The authors: compare the politics behind forest certification in five countries and reflect on why there are differences regionally; discuss the impact the FSC has had on other certification programs, and; assess the ability of private forest certification to address global forest deterioration.  A valuable contribution to our understanding of private environmental governance in the forestry sector in several industrial countries.  A book that will interest those involved in environmental management and governance. 6-1/8 x 9-1/4, 352p, 2004.
G1090 hardcover ..........US $65.00 CAN $89.95

TAPPING THE GREEN MARKET: Certification & Management of Non-timber Forest Products
Patricia Shanley, Alan Pierce, Sarah Laird, Abraham Guillén, eds..  Explains the use and importance of certification and eco-labeling for guaranteeing best management practices of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) in the field.  Contains extensive case studies and global profiles of NTFPs.  Furthers our comprehension of certification processes and broadens our understanding of NTFP management, harvesting and marketing.  A valuable resource for forest managers, policy-makers, conservation organizations , and academics in these areas. 6-3/4 x 9-1/2, 400p, line drawings, tables, 2002.
T1901 paperback ..........US $78.95 CAN $105.95
         ON SALE ..........US $60.00 CAN $75.95....... only 2 copies remaining!

Walter Smith, Chris Maser.  Follows the practices of Daniel Katz’s SmartWood to provide discussions on the history, importance, and rewards of forest certification, as well as a step-by-step guide to the certification process.  Divided into two parts: part one discusses the problem of current mainstream forestry; part two discusses the thinking processes required to correct the social-environmental-political problems associated with today’s mainstream forestry. 6-1/8 x 9-1/4, 224p, 48 illustrations, 2000.
F510X hardcover ..........US $159.95 CAN $220.95

Virgilio Viana, et al., eds..  An overview of the mechanics, background, and implications of voluntary certification programs.  Features perspectives from all stakeholders in both northern and southern hemispheres.  Traces the history of certification, development of principles, and outlines various programs now underway.  Brings clarity to a highly debated and poorly understood topic. 6 x 9, 320p, 1996.
C4944 paperback ..........US $30.00 CAN $39.95

FOREST CERTIFICATION: Roots, Issues, Challenges, and Benefits
Kristiina Vogt, et al..  Unique in its analysis of the scientific basis for the structure of the forest certification protocols.  Documents the roles of human values in the development of assessment protocols, but also demonstrates how elements of existing protocols should be used to produce non-value-based protocols.  Examines the history of certification, factors guiding the development of protocols, players involved, factors determining the customers to be certified, and benefits of certification.  Covers the terminology and other issues intrinsic to certification. 7 x 10, 384p, line drawings, 1999.
F5859 hardcover ..........US $132.95 CAN $183.95

Christopher Upton, Stephen Bass.  The first thorough guide to the certification of forests and timber products.  Practical advice on developing, selecting and operating a program that provides market security and raises standards of forest management.  Covers commercial benefits, policy mechanisms, the interpretation and implementation of forest management standards, and the certification process.  Compares certification with other international forest management efforts. 6 x 9, 176p, 1996.
F5891 paperback ..........US $109.95 CAN $149.95

Forest Recreation

WILDLAND RECREATION: Ecology and Management (2/e)
William Hammitt, David Cole.  An authoritative guide to managing the ecological impacts of recreational activities on natural resources.  New edition provides up-to-date, detailed coverage of wildland recreation management issues.  Proposes solutions to the complex challenges and problems faced by today’s recreation resource managers, particularly the demand to accommodate rapidly growing numbers of recreational visitors without sacrificing the ecological integrity of wildlands.  A valuable working resource for those interested in wildland recreation management. 6 x 9, 376p, 1998.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and is no longer available.
W4611 hardcover ..........US $209.95 CAN $230.99

Forestry Commission (British).  A practical reference concerned with recreation in a woodland setting.  Outlines the principles and standards of good recreation management practice in forest and woodlands. 8-1/4 x 11-1/2, 36p, illustrations, 1992.
F311X paperback ..........US $19.95 CAN $25.95

Robert Douglass.  “The best overall resource for planning, developing, and administering forest recreation areas.”  Revised edition presents the latest findings and outlines valuable techniques to finance, design, construct, develop, and manage forest recreation facilities successfully.  Responds to forest managers’ continual need to change the way they do their job to adapt to the shifting perceptions, wants, and needs of recreational visitors. 6-1/4 x 9-1/4, 390p, b&w photos, illustrations, tables, 2000.
F1192 hardcover ..........US $54.95 CAN $72.95

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