Natural History

Bruce Kershner, Robert Leverett.  Reveals that an estimated 2 million acres of ancient forests still thrive throughout the eastern United States, with approx. 400,000 of those in the Northeast.  Showcases 134 sites of the most magnificent and inspiring forests across nine states (PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, & ME).  Introduces and explains “old growth” forests and trees.  Offers practical details on where to find some of the Northeast's oldest, tallest, and biggest trees, how to get there, and what to see.  A guide seeking to inspire residents and visitors alike to protect the Northeast's primeval forests for generations to come. 4-1/2 x 8, 276p, 10 b&w illustrations, 13 maps, 2004.
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THE LAST STAND: A Journey Through the Ancient Cliff Face Forest of the Niagara Escarpment 
Peter Kelly, Douglas Larson.  The most ancient and least disturbed forest ecosystem in eastern North America clings to the vertical cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment in one of the most populated areas of North America.  Prior to 1988, it had escaped detection. The Last Stand reveals the complete account of the astounding discovery of these unique eastern white cedar trees (some well over 1,000 years old) and the amazing properties they possess.  “A remarkable tale of discovery,” filled with vivid first-hand accounts, and supported by stunning photographs. 8 x 10, 176p, 71 color photos, 11 b&w illustrations, 2007.
L5190 paperback..........US $36.95 CAN $39.95

Michael Henry, Dr. Peter Quinby.  Old-growth forests are ecological marvels.  Some of the trees that comprise them are thousands of years old, while others stretch a breathtaking ten storeys high.  Incredibly, many of these wonders are just a daytrip away for most Ontarians.  From the dwarf cedars on the Niagara Escarpment to the ancient bonsai trees lining the Canadian shield and the giant pines trees in Temagami, Ontario's Old-Growth Forests will help readers discover these natural gems.  With an atlas of over 50 old-growth areas in the province, complete with descriptions, directions and maps, the authors uncover the fascinating history of these flourishing survivors while explaining the forest ecology that make them so special.  An invaluable discovery guide for anyone fascinated with the history, ecology and wonder of North American old-growth forests. 8 x 10, 238p, 100+ color photos, b&w archival photos, color maps, 2009. OVERSIZE.
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Charles Fergus.  A captivating natural history of the region's native and common non-native tree species.  Discusses how their physical structure protects them from the elements; how people and animals use them, and; how diseases, insect pests, and environmental degradation are affecting trees today.  Complements descriptions and range maps with personal anecdotes, as well as notable cultural and historical tidbits.  A highly readable narrative that will enhance anyone’s appreciation of the majestic trees that populate the landscape. 6 x 9, 288p, 55 b&w illustrations, 78 b&w maps, 2005.
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THE BIG BURN: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire That Saved America
Timothy Egan.  Tells the story of the "Big Burn," the largest-ever forest fire in America, and the tragedy that cemented Teddy Roosevelt's legacy in the land.  Egan narrates the struggles of the overmatched Forest rangers against the implacable fire with unstoppable dramatic force, through the eyes of the people who lived it.  Equally dramatic, though, is the larger story he tells of President Teddy Roosevelt and his chief forester, Gifford Pinchot.  Pioneering the notion of conservation, the two did nothing less than create the idea of national forests as national treasure, owned by and preserved for every citizen.  In the end, the heroism shown by the rangers turned public opinion permanently in favor of the forests, even as it changed the mission of the Forest Service, with consequences felt in the fires of today.  The Big Burn offers "a dramatic account of the worst wildfire in American history - and how it saved America's forests." 6 x 9, 336p, 20 b&w photos, 2009.
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FALL FOLIAGE: The Mystery, Science and Folklore of Autumn Leaves
Charles Smith.  Answers commonly asked questions about fall foliage for common trees, shrubs and vines: Why do leaves turn yellow, or red?  Why do they fall?  What kind of leaf is that?  Reveals the mystery, science, and folklore of this natural phenomenon.  Includes “Bright Spots” of where and when the best displays of fall foliage are found across the United States.  “An informal, but authoritative natural history and field guide.” 8-1/2 x 8, 144p, 97 color photos, drawing, maps, 2005.
F7888 paperback ..........US $14.95 CAN $18.95

LIVES OF CONIFERS: A Comparative Account of the Coniferous Trees Indigenous to Northeastern North America
Graham Powell.  Examines the life cycles of the twelve (12) coniferous trees indigenous to Northeastern North America (Canada + United States).  Tracing their development from seeds and seedlings through to maturity, old age, and death, the book is designed to provide a comparison of each species at each stage of life, thus aiding in the recognition and identification of species at all stages of their existence.  Includes descriptions of developmental processes and how they differ among the species.  Based almost entirely on what is visible to the careful observer in the forest, and includes only the parts of trees that can be seen above ground.  A reference that will appeal to forest scientists and technologists, foresters, horticulturists, arborists, and anyone interested in knowing more about their natural surroundings. 8-3/4 x 11, 400p, 350 color photos, drawings, diagrams, 2009. OVERSIZE.
L8696 hardcover..........US $50.00 CAN $50.00

SEED TO SEED: The Secret Life of Plants
Nicholas Harberd.  This narrative of the changing seasons has as its focus one tiny thale-cress plant (Arabidopsis thaliana) in an East Anglica churchyard (UK).  As one of the world's leading plant biologists, Harberd describes both what can be seen with the naked eye and the hidden  molecular mechanisms that underlie the visible events in the plant's life.  "Part field notebook, part sketchbook, and part journal, Seed to Seed is a dazzling evocation of the beauty of the natural world and an exhilarating explanation of the secret workings of plants." 5-1/2 x 8, 200p, 40 b&w sketches + diagrams, 2006.
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SEEDS: The Definitive Guide to Growing, History, and Lore
Peter Loewer.  With a focus on the practical concerns of seed savers, Loewer provides straight-forward advice on buying, storing and germinating, sterilizing soil, indoor to outdoor transplanting.  This guide blends science and hands-on experience, offering "reader-friendly” methods for germination, stratification, collection, as well as storage.  Includes ancient lore, history, and the biology of seeds.  Fascinating and practical – “… this is a how-to interspersed with lots of interesting trivia… .” 6 x 9, 240p, 48 b&w illustrations, 1995, 2005.
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Dr. Al Carder.  “How do the giant trees of the West stack up against the great trees of the world?”  Reveals outstanding examples from each of the most noteworthy tree species Carder found.  Featuring over forty (40) scale drawings, this collection outlines the intriguing characteristics of each species, such as the resiliency of the English oak and the “grotesque” appearance of the African “upside-down tree.”  Describes the histories of famous trees, including the Sicilian Tree of 100 Horses.  An informative, entertaining history of giant trees urging us to appreciate and protect what is left of these fascinating “monsters of the past.” 7 x 11, 152p, 43 b&w illustrations, 2005.
G3634 paperback ..........US $26.95 CAN $26.95

VERNAL POOLS: Natural History and Conservation
Elizabeth Colburn.  The first comprehensive book-length synthesis of the natural history, ecology, and conservation of the seasonally wet, woodland pools that occur throughout the formerly glaciated region of eastern North America - essentially the Great Lakes Basin, New England, and adjacent areas of the United States and Canada.  Provides detailed information about the physical and biological content, structure, and function of vernal pool ecosystems.  Discusses important research, conservation, and policy needs for pools to be better understood, protected, and managed.  Readily applicable and a major source of information for seasonally flooded habitats and temporary waters elsewhere and worldwide.  A valuable reference for landowners, conservationists, resource managers, land-use professionals, and others. 6 x 9, 456p, 42 b&w + 31 color illustrations, 2004.
V3912 paperback ..........US $34.95 CAN $46.95

PRAIRIE: A Natural History
Candace Savage.  A comprehensive, non-technical guide to the biology and ecology of the prairies, or the Great Plains grasslands of North America - the largest ecosystem in North America that flows from Alberta south to Texas and from the Rockies east to the Mississippi River.  Thorough, detailed, and scientifically up-to-date.  Offers a view of the past and present, plus a vision for the future.  Describes the ecoregions of the prairies (grasslands, rangelands, prairie woodlands, aquatic habitats) and looks at what measures have been taken to preserve this amazing ecosystem.  A celebration of the beauty and diversity of North America's immense central grasslands. 7-1/2 x 10, 320p, 120 color photos, 100 b&w illustrations, 22 maps, chart, 2004, 2006. OVERSIZE.
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TREES (Natural World Series)
Roland Ennos.  An illustrated overview that examines trees' history, explains their mechanics, and assesses their future.  Describes the evolution of trees and the diversity of tree life today.  Explores humans' diverse relationships with trees, pointing out that trees are important components of almost all human ecosystems. 8-1/4 x 9-1/4, 112p, 130 color + b&w photos, diagrams, 2001.
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T9793 paperback ...........US $16.95 CAN $22.95

OAK: The Frame of Civilization
William Bryant Logan.  From ink to sailing ships, a biography of this essential and impressive tree.  In this exploration of all things oak, Logan “traces the historical applications and appreciations of the many ways in which the oak's byproducts have shaped civilizations throughout the world.”  Combines science, philosophy, spirituality, and history with a quirky curiosity about why the natural world works the way it does.  A comprehensive, entertaining history of this highly adaptable and overwhelmingly valuable natural resource. 5-3/4 x 8-1/2, 320p, 30 b&w illustrations, 2005, 2006.
O7787 paperback ..........US $15.95 CAN $17.00

CEDAR: Tree of Life to the Northwest Coast Indians
Hilary Stewart.  “From the giant cedar of the rainforest came a wealth of raw materials vital to the way of life, art and culture of the early First Nations people of the Northwest coast.”  Anecdotes, oral history and the accounts of early explorers, traders and missionaries highlight the text.  Stewart’s detailed 550 drawings and select photos depict how these people made and used the finished products of the incomparable tree of life – the cedar.  “…a significant book that inspires awe not only for the versatility of the tree but also for the resourcefulness of the people” Rotunda magazine, Royal Ontario Museum. 10 x 9, 192p, 550 b&w illustrations, 50 b&w photos, 1995.
C4063 paperback..........US $29.95 CAN $29.95

REPUBLIC OF SHADE: New England and the American Elm
Thomas Campanella.  The American elm was an essential feature of America's cultural landscape for more than a century.  This book traces the rise and fall of the mighty elm - whose dominance as America's favorite tree was toppled by the devastating epidemic of Dutch-elm disease.   A fascinating account of the elm's transformation into a regional and national icon that launched an entire nation of Elm Streets. 7 x 10, 240p, 62 b&w historic photos & illustrations, 2003.
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R7395 hardcover ...........US $45.00 CAN $60.00

AMERICAN CHESTNUT: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Perfect Tree
Susan Freinkel.  The American chestnut was one of America's most common, valued, and beloved trees - a "perfect tree" that ruled the forests from Georgia to Maine. But in the early twentieth century, an exotic plague swept through the chestnut forests with the force of a wildfire.  Within forty years, the blight had killed close to four billion trees and left the species teetering on the brink of extinction.  In American Chestnut, Freinkel provides a "heart-wrenching and uplifting account" of the impassioned work of scientists, undeterred by setbacks or skeptics, trying to bring the tree back from the brink.  An inspiring book for those with a passion and interest in trees. 6 x 9, 294p, 1 b&w photo, 2007, 2009.
A4447 paperback..........US $26.95 CAN $34.95

SEQUOIA: The Heralded Tree in American Art and Culture
Lori Vermaas.  In a wide-ranging analysis of the cultural meaning of the California sequoias, Vermaas reveals how Americans have seen nature as an inspiration, natural resource, and national treasure.  The author traces how Americans have changed their perceptions of nature from the 1800’s to now.  Presents a timely perspective on both the environment and American culture, offering a new understanding of the contentious battles over the environment today. 6 x 9, 288p, 75 historic + b&w photos, 2003.
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S1402 hardcover ...........US $39.95 CAN $54.95

THE COTTONWOOD TREE: An American Champion 
Kathleen Cain.  There are books about the Oak, Palm, Ash and the Elm - now there is one for the Cottonwood, affectionately known in many circles as America’s champion tree.  Examines the remarkable science of the Cottonwood – how it grows, its survival & variety and, of course, its “mystery” star.  Explores the roles the tree has played and continues to play in the art, health, and history of North America.  A blend of art and science in a readable, engaging format.  “After reading The Cottonwood Tree you will see why this remarkable tree stands so tall in the American landscape.” 6 x 9, 256p, b&w illustrations, photos, 2007.
C3702 paperback..........US $17.00 CAN $22.95

Ralph W. Andrews.  "This book is one man's memorial to the magnificent natural redwood Sequoia trees in California."  Through outstanding photos, Andrews presents 239 different views of redwood trees 3000 years old on average at various stages of use.  These trees were used to build lumbering empires and kept thousands employed.  Many of the lumbermen themselves are quoted in memories of their work on the old trees - hardships, inventions, earthquakes and fires, sawmills, logging camps, and shipping are remembered. 8-1/4 x 10-1/2, 174p, 239 original b&w photos, 1958.
R0493 paperback ...........US $12.95 CAN $16.95

Aljos Farjon.  Farjon observes conifers as a curious naturalist.  Starts with "what conifers are" and continues to explore their evolution, taxonomy, ecology, distribution, human uses, and issues of conservation.  Dispels many popular misconceptions and describes their extraordinary diversity.  Relates how these trees and shrubs adapted to survive geological upheavals, climatic extremes, and formidable ecological competition and how, with only 627 species, they grew to occupy every continent on earth ranging from the high latitudes to the tropics.  A narrative that will fascinate plant lovers wishing to discover the extraordinary relatives of ordinary garden conifers and natural historians who will relish seeing conifers reviewed in a broad context. 7-1/2 x 10-1/2, 304p, 157 color photos, 39 line drawings, 4 b&w illustrations, 4 maps, 2008. 
N8690 hardcover..........US $39.95 CAN $53.95

GATHERING MOSS: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses
Robin Kimmerer.  A mix of science and personal reflection invites readers to explore and learn from the simple lives of mosses.  Reveals how mosses live and how their lives are intertwined with countless other beings, from salmon and hummingbirds to redwoods and rednecks.  Kimmerer clearly explains the biology of mosses, while at the same time reflecting on what these fascinating organisms have to teach us. 6 x 9, 176p, line drawings, 2003.
G4996 paperback ...........US $18.95 CAN $22.95

BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY: Our Intimate Connections to Trees
Nalini Nadkarni.  World-renowned canopy biologist Nadkarni has climbed trees on four continents and, in Between Earth and Sky, she becomes our captivating guide "to the leafy wilderness above our heads."  Offers a multifaceted exploration of trees.  Explains tree fundamentals (intricate root systems and their highly evolved and still not completely understood canopies), their role in commerce and medicine, their symbolism in culture and religion. their existence in city centers and in extreme habitats (mountaintops and deserts), and their important place in folklore and the arts.  A book that "reawakens our sense of wonder at the fascinating world of trees." 6 x 9, 336p, 29 b&w photos, 2008.
B1658 paperback..........US $23.95 CAN $29.95
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TREES: Their Natural History
Peter Thomas.  A comprehensive introduction to the natural history of trees, with information on all aspects of tree biology and ecology.  Offers fascinating insights and, in an illuminating way, addresses questions such as how trees are designed, how they grow, reproduce, and why they eventually die.  Written for a non-technical audience (easy-to-read format and concise language), but nonetheless rigorous in its treatment.  A perfect ("everything you need to know") guide for students and an interesting read for anyone with an interest in trees.  and is a valuable reference. 6 x 9, 296p, 83 line diagrams, 19 illustrations, 2000.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and will no longer be available.
T963X paperback ...........US $61.00 CAN $69.95
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FOREST PRIMEVAL: The Natural History of an Ancient Forest
Chris Maser.  A new preface and epilogue have been added to this classic work of ecology.  Traces the growth of an ancient forest in Oregon’s Cascade mountains from its fiery birth in the year 987 to present.  A unique “biography” of an ecosystem, the book portrays a diverse fabric of plants, animals, and microorganisms working in unison.  A book that challenges the way we think about nature. 6 x 9, 282p, b&w photos, 2001.
F5291 paperback ...........US $19.95 CAN $25.95

ENDURING ROOTS: Encounters with Trees, History, and the American Landscape
Gayle Brandow Samuels.  Winner, National Arbor Day Foundation's Media Award.  Tells the stories of historic American trees, including the famous Charter Oak, the Washington Cherry Blossoms, and the oldest of the world’s trees, the bristlecone pine.  Others include how Thomas Jefferson grew apple orchards and Benjamin Franklin launched an export industry for the Newtown Pippin apple into England.  Chapters focus primarily on a specific tree or group of trees and its relationship to both natural and human history. 6-1/4 x 9-1/4, 208p, 38 b&w illustrations, 1999.
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Donald Culross Peattie.  These two genuine classics of natural history are the most eloquent, informative, and entertaining books ever written about the trees of North America.  Each volume covers all of the native Anerican trees of its region.  Features succinct, non-technical descriptions. 6 x 9, b&w illustrations, up to 600p, paperback, 1948, 1991.
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N1745 Eastern & Central (624p) ...........US $21.00 CAN $34.95
N1753 Western N.A. (768p) ...........US $21.00 CAN $34.95

Donald Culross Peattie.  “An environmental classic” - a new gift edition of two 1950s classics by one of the best nature writers of the twentieth century.  In Peattie’s accounts of more than one hundred (100) tree species, we learn about everything from how the tree was discovered to the part trees played (or oversaw) in America’s history, including: the Penn Treaty Elm; the beech trees where Audubon painted the Passenger Pigeons; the wood that earned the nickname “Old Ironsides”; the tulip trees that Daniel Boone hollowed out to make a canoe for his family; and the commercial uses of its wood.  Includes 100+ of the original b&w illustrations by Paul Landacre.  “…The most eloquent, informative, and entertaining books ever written about the trees of North America.”  6 x 9, 512p, b&w illustrations, reprint 2007.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and is no longer available!
N9044 hardcover..........US $40.00 CAN $48.95

E.C. Pielou.  A long-standing "classic."  Conveys, in clear, non-technical language, the fascinating things to be seen and savored in the evergreen forests of northern United States and Canada, as well as on the major mountain ranges of eastern and western United States.  Discusses the distinctive features of various evergreen trees and explains how to differentiate between species.  Describes how they reproduce and grow, and assesses the impact of fire, wind, snow, clear-cutting, and air pollution.  Contains detailed descriptions and easy-to-use keys.  Filled with a multitude of interesting facts of forest life, this informative and engaging book "looks at the forest world with new eyes." 6 x 9, 200p, b&w illustrations, 1988.
W4249 paperback ...........US $19.95 CAN $25.95

Al Calder.  Dr. Calder has long pursued the sighting, measuring and recording of the tallest, broadest and oldest trees in the world.  He not only has travelled the world in search of the living giants, Calder has consulted histories and records to identify those great trees that have been and gone.  An authoritative record of the world’s super trees, past and present, describing more than 140 species. 7-1/4 x 10-1/4, 208p, 98 color + 34 b&w photos, 1995.
F0903 hardcover ...........US $50.00 CAN $50.00

Robert Van Pelt.  A guide to the twenty (20) largest species of conifers in North America – from the southern Sierra to Vancouver Island, and from the coast to NW Montana.  Provides an overview of the twenty (20) species, including comparative drawings, distribution, measurements, and more.  Features profiles of 117 giant trees – individual specimens that represent the extremes to which their species can grow. 8-1/2 x 11, 224p, 115 color illustrations, 115 line drawings, 22 color maps,  2002.
Sorry, this title has gone out of print and is not available at this time.
F1407 paperback ...........US $40.00 CAN $48.95

COAST REDWOOD: A Natural and Cultural History
John Evarts, Marjorie Popper, eds..  The first contemporary illustrated book to focus exclusively on the complete natural and cultural history of the world’s tallest tree.  Describes the origins, distribution, life history, ecology, and associated wildlife.  Recounts the evolution of redwood logging, the inspiring battles for preservation, from Big Basin to Headwaters, and explores current conservation and management issues. 7-1/2 x 10-1/4, 228p, 100 historic + 230 color photos, 2001.
C0551 paperback ...........US $27.95 CAN $37.95

NATURE GUIDE TO THE NORTHERN FOREST: Exploring the Ecology of the Forests of New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine (Appalachian Mountain Club)
Peter Marchand.  Part field guide, part natural history narrative.  A handy reference to help readers identify and understand the complex influences that shape the flora and fauna of northern New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.  Features descriptions of key natural communities of the northern forest and an identification guide to signature plant and animal species of the region.  Expands on AMC's classic North Woods discussing humans' influence on the history of the wild, adaptation of species at high elevations, seasonal cycles, and climate change.  Readable and enlightening; this guide is a valuable resource for specialists, as well as hikers and nature lovers.  6 x 9, 192p, 75 color photos, 20 color illustrations, 2010.
N8428 paperback..........US $19.95 CAN $26.95

NEW ENGLAND FORESTS THROUGH TIME: Insights from the Harvard Forest Dioramas
David Foster, John O’Keefe.  This fascinating natural history is essential background for anyone interested in New England’s ecology, wildlife, or landscape.  The historical and environmental lessons from the transformation of New England’s landscape are told through the world-renowned dioramas in Harvard’s Fisher Museum. 8 x 10, 70p, 49 color illustrations, 2000.
N3446 paperback ...........US $10.50 CAN $14.50

FOREST FORENSICS: A Field Guide to Reading the Forested Landscape
Tom Wessels.  "Take some of the mystery out of a walk in the woods with this new field guide from the author of Reading the Forested Landscape.  Was this forest once farmland?  Was it logged in the past?  Was there ever a major catastrophe that brought trees down?  Covers the entire glaciated region of the northeastern United States and the adjacent Canadian provinces.  Wessels has created a key - a fascinating series of either/or questions - to guide you through the process of analyzing what you see - how to interpret the five (5) most common forms of forest disturbance - agricultural abandonment, logging, blowdowns, fire, and ice and snow breakage.  ..."You'll feel like a woodland Sherlock Holmes.  No walk in the woods will ever be the same." 5 x 7-1/2, 160, 50 color photos, 2010.
F9182 paperback..........US $14.95 CAN $18.50

READING THE FORESTED LANDSCAPE: A Natural History of New England
Tom Wessels.  A full, original portrait of New England’s forests, tracing their evolution from pre-colonial days to the present, through an examination of the patterns we see today.  Each chapter addresses a form of forest disturbance common in New England - fire, logging and blight are examples depicted in an extraordinary, full-range etching. 9 x 8-1/4, 199p, b&w illustrations, 1997.
R4203 paperback ...........US $21.95 CAN $24.95

LOB TREES IN THE WILDERNESS: The Human and Natural History of the Boundary Waters
Clifford & Isabel Ahlgren.  The classic account of human impact on the North Woods.  The authors, two of the most knowledgeable ecologists of the area, use nine native trees to serve as lob trees for this book, an ecological history of human activity in the Quetico-Superior wilderness area. 5-7/8 x 9, 232p, 71 b&w photos, 13 line drawings, reprint 2001.
L8152 paperback ...........US $16.95 CAN $22.95

FIELD GUIDE TO THE FAMILIAR: Learning to Observe the Natural World (reprint ed.)
Gale Lawrence.  Encourages beginning naturalists and challenges the more experienced to look more closely at natural life cycles.  Readers learn that every plant, animal, and natural phenomenon has its own story, and they begin to perceive the natural world as whole, interconnected, and continuous. 6 x 9, 288p, 104 b&w illustrations, 1998.
F8652 paperback ...........US $26.95 CAN $34.95
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